What is Marten and How to Pay Attention?

What is Marten and How to Pay Attention?

One of the most important enemies of poultry such as chickens and pigeons is martens. The question of why martens are afraid is directly related to the protection and safety of these animals. If you do not take the necessary precautions, your poultry can be killed by martens. In the rest of our article, we will explain the simple precautions you can take in this regard and methods of protection from martens.

What is a marten?

The marten is an animal with a long and slender body resembling a cat. They are about 40-50 cm tall and weigh up to 2 kg. They have a shiny and dark brown color. However, they can also have different colors. These nocturnal rodents are afraid of encountering humans and run away when they see one. But they have nowhere to run and can even attack a human if they are squeezed too hard.

These rodents don’t only damage poultry houses where you keep poultry. They can even gnaw through cables on roofs or similar areas. In such cases, they can cause serious damage.

When weasels are mentioned, many people think that the other name for this animal is weasel. But the other name is not ferret. They are completely different species. It must be remembered that the ferret is a different creature. The ferret is smaller and lighter. It can get into poultry houses through much smaller holes.

What scares the marten?

The marten is a very cunning and stubborn creature. It will never attack or show itself until it is fully secure. Therefore, even the slightest element that could be a threat to him will prevent him from coming.

At this point, dogs are very important protectors. When they smell dogs, they will never approach that coop. They know that the dogs will attack them and act accordingly.

Apart from dogs, they are also afraid of birds of prey. When birds of prey are in the sky, they do not show themselves and hide in a suitable place and wait for the danger to pass. However, since it is not possible for poultry breeders to keep birds of prey, the most effective solution is the dog.

What the marten fears most

Martens are afraid of dogs and birds of prey. They know that dogs will attack them and birds of prey will hunt them. They avoid being in places where these threats are present. When they realize that there are dogs and birds of prey, they immediately leave the area.

The human factor is also a frightening factor for them. All animals that have met humans before run away or hide when they see them. If there is a high density of people in the area, martens choose different areas to hunt. However, they also know that people retreat to their homes at night and can develop hunting methods accordingly.

In short, martens are afraid of dogs, birds of prey and humans, which can pose a threat to them.

Methods of Protection from Marten

Weasel prevention methods are of great importance for the safety of your poultry. If you don’t take the necessary precautions, you may open your coop one morning to find that your chickens or pigeons have been killed. Here are the precautions you should take to avoid such a problem:

1. Dog

A dog is one of the most effective ways to avoid martens. Keeping a dog close to your coop will help you avoid this rodent.

If you don’t want to keep a dog, you can also use dog hair. You can throw dog feathers around the coop and let the smell spread. But keep in mind that your chickens can pick up the feathers and take them to a different place. Also, if your coop has a very strong odor, dog feathers won’t work as well.

2. Noise

Noise is one of the simplest ways to keep martens away. They will not hunt in an area where there is human noise and will move away immediately. Just being near your coop during daylight hours is enough. However, you can make a sound recording for the night hours and create a noise of human voices throughout the night.

3. Bird of Prey Sound

The biggest enemy of martens is birds of prey. If you broadcast an audio recording with the sounds of birds of prey, your coop will be safe.

4. Light

These rodents hunt at night. So it is very difficult to see them during daylight hours. They flee where there is light. A lighting system for the night hours will keep predators away.

5. Closing All Holes

No matter how much you try to scare them away, remember that martens are cunning rodents. They can find a way into your coop. In such a case, there should not be a gap where they can enter your coop.

Remember that they can enter even through very small and often neglected holes. Fill all holes with filler. In this way, you will keep this animal, which can even pass through gaps 3-5 cm in size, away from your coop.

6. Odors

White vinegar, perfume and pepper scents are claimed to keep these animals away. You can place these scents at certain points in your coop. However, relying only on odors and not taking the necessary precautions may disappoint you.

7. Tor or Wire Mesh

You need to surround your chicken coop with tor or wire mesh. Make sure that the gaps in the wire mesh are as small as possible. Remember, they can get through even the smallest gaps. Also, when using wire or torches, you should dig at least 20 cm into the soil and place the wires under the soil. Otherwise, they can easily dig through the soil and reach your coop.

Methods of protection from marten

When taking precautions here, you should not only focus on the weasel. There is also a different threat in the form of ferrets. Ferrets have the ability to pass through much smaller gaps.

This is the detailed answer to the question of why martens are afraid. You can share your experiences and information on this subject with us as a comment.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Marten Protection

What scares the marten?

These animals do not respond to human voices, the smell of dogs, birds of prey and light. If they notice these, they immediately move away from the area.

When do martens hunt?

They hunt at night and in the dark. During daylight hours they usually rest and do not move around.

Does he attack people?

No, no, no, no. But if he’s really stuck, he might attack to get out.

Can the marten pass through small holes?

It can pass through any hole where its head fits. It is known to easily pass through holes 3-5 cm in size.

Are weasel and marten the same?

Weasels and martens belong to the same family. But they are different species.
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