What is Adana like?

What is Adana like?

We don’t know if there is any other province in the world that is famous for its courthouse, but Adana may be unique in this regard. Somehow, the most extraordinary subjects of the evening news on TV always come from this country. Are you looking for the ones who shoot at the sun because of the heat or the ones who kick a suspicious package because the bomb disposal team is late?

Adana’s colorful side is not only its courthouse. It is one of Turkey’s most beautiful provinces with everything, especially its food. It is a different geography with its kebab, cotton, oranges, Seyhan and Ceyhan, countless famous artists, sportsmen and talents. You can go as a vegetarian and end up in a kebab shop, Adana is such an interesting city. It has fertile lands like Çukurova and majestic mountains like the Taurus Mountains.

Even though it is the subject of a lot of news, Adana has a warm and hospitable people. Speaking of heat, Adana is a city that really infuriates people in summer. During the summer months, there are many people walking around saying ‘yaniyürük’. But Adana is also a good city to live in.

You won’t see this news anywhere else in the world.

  1. In the news, the jeweler robbed the thieves who entered the jewelry store with “Uzi”.
  2. News A lion escaped from a circus and was lynched by neighborhood residents.
  3. Haber killed the waiter for bringing rice with the kebab, I didn’t ask for rice!
  4. News item “Hello Police, my son is a thief” and his son’s words were “I don’t regret what I did, my mind is still on what I didn’t do.
  5. News He said “I don’t pay rent”. He burned down the house!

In this article, we have compiled general information about Adana; How to get to Adana? What kind of a city is Adana for civil servants and students? We will give information about Adana history and Adana cuisine. Actually, we always want to talk about Adana Kebab, but we will talk about that too. Let’s get to know the city a little first.

Where is Adana? How to get there?

Adana is located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, on the lands we call Çukurova, which includes Mersin, Osmaniye and Hatay. The neighboring provinces of Adana, whose southern border is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, are Kayseri in the north, Osmaniye and Hatay in the east, Mersin in the west, Kahramanmaraş in the northeast, and Niğde in the northwest. Adana, one of the largest and most developed cities in Turkey, can be easily reached by land, air and rail.

Adana transportation guide is generally as follows;

Adana Road Transportation;

You can go to Adana, which is located at an important crossroads between the Mediterranean, Central Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia regions, with your own car or you can find bus services from all over Turkey, especially from metropolitan cities. Adana’s own bus companies also provide transportation services to many cities in Turkey. Adana bus station is 5-6 km. away from the city center and you can reach the center quickly with shuttles.

Adana Airline Transportation;

Adana (Şakirpaşa) Airport, located in Adana city center and serving the Çukurova Region, offers both domestic and international flights. Adana Airport is also a common airport for Mersin and Osmaniye provinces. It is possible to reach Adana Airport by Havaş shuttles from these three city centers. Car rental and taxi services are available inside the airport. You can also use the minibuses that provide transportation within the city on the street at the exit of Adana Airport. Almost all airline companies in Turkey (THY, Pegasus, SunExpress, SunExpress, AnadoluJet, OnurAir) provide transportation services to Adana. When there are many options, flight ticket prices can be more affordable compared to many cities in Turkey.

You can find direct flights from Adana (Şakirpaşa) Airport to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya.

There are also international flights to Cyprus/Lefkosa and some cities in Germany.

Adana History in Brief

According to archaeological studies, the known history in the Çukurova Region begins with the Kitvanza Kingdom. According to the Hittite inscriptions, this kingdom came under Hittite rule in 1335 BC.

Many kingdoms emerged in the region after the Hittite State collapsed as a result of attacks in 1190s BC. The kingdoms that ruled in the region in this process; The Kingdom of Kue, Assyrians, Cilicia Kingdom, Iranians, Macedonians, Seleucids, Cukurova Pirates and Romans. During the Roman Empire, Çukurova made a commercial breakthrough and developed considerably.

After the division of Rome, Byzantines, Arabs, Thessalonians, Armenians, Armenians, Mamluk State and Ramazanoğulları Principality ruled the region respectively. By the early 1500s, the Ottoman Empire dominated the territory of the region.

After World War I, Adana and its surroundings were occupied by France, but with the Ankara Agreement signed on October 20, 1921, France was forced to withdraw from the region. On January 5, 1922, Adana gained its independence and joined the Republic of Turkey as a province.

Brief Information About Adana

Population Adana’s population in 2020 is approximately 2 million 240 thousand people.
License Plate Code: Adana’s license plate code: 01
Telephone Code: Telephone code for Adana: 0322
Postal Code Postal code of Adana: 01000
Surface Area: Adana’s surface area: 14.030 km²

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Website: www.adana.bel.tr
Adana Metropolitan Municipality Telephone: 0 (322) 455 35 00 – 0 (322) 352 60 37

Adana Governorship Website: www.adana.gov.tr
Adana Governorate Phone: 0 (322) 459 27 43

Districts of Adana

Karaisali, Karatas, Kozan
Saimbeyli, Saricam, Seyhan
Yumurtalık, Yüreğir

Adana Economy

Adana is one of the first industrialized provinces of Turkey. It is also one of the most important agricultural regions of our country due to its location on fertile lands such as Çukurova and rich water resources.

The leading product in agricultural production is cotton. Cotton produced in Çukurova makes a great contribution to Adana’s economy. In addition, other agricultural products produced in Adana are wheat, barley, soybeans, corn, grapes, oranges, peanuts and citrus fruits.

Although not as much as agriculture, cattle and sheep breeding and seafood production in Yumurtalık and Karataş also contribute to Adana’s economy.

The leading industrial sectors in Adana are textiles, leather industry, automotive and vegetable oil production. The most successful sectors in Adana’s exports are chemicals, textiles, cereals, pulses and oilseeds.

Adana used to be one of the most important provinces in Turkey in chrome mining, but this production has been declining in recent years. Nevertheless, chromite has a great potential impact on Adana’s economy. Some of Adana’s other underground resources are manganese, lead, zinc, quartz and quartzite, clay, barite, limestone, sand aggregate and pumice.

Geographical Structure and Climate of Adana

Adana has a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters. It is not possible to see minus degrees even in the coldest months of winter.

The geographical structure of Adana can be divided into two regions: the mountainous part where the Taurus Mountains rise and the plains dominated by Çukurova. Under the influence of the Mediterranean climate, the vegetation of the mountainous areas is covered with maquis, larch and cedar trees.

Seyhan and Ceyhan rivers are located within the borders of Adana. Thanks to the alluvium carried by these two rivers, Çukurova, the largest delta plain in Turkey, was formed.

Adana Cuisine and Adana Specialties

The fame of Adana cuisine has spread all over Turkey. It would not be wrong to say that it is one of the gastronomic capitals of our country. It is impossible not to admire Adana kebab, which is one of the most famous flavors of Adana. In addition, liver, stuffed meatballs, lahmacun, offal dishes… which one to count. Adana local dishes are not limited to kebabs and meat dishes. Vegetable dishes and pastries are also very popular in Adana, which is located in fertile lands like Çukurova. Adana cuisine has a variety of dishes that fascinate people from all walks of life with its various flavors.

What are the famous dishes of Adana? What to eat in Adana? Let’s list some of the Adana-specific flavors that will remain in your palate;

Adana Kebab ❤
Kibbeh – Pistachio Meatballs – Fellah Meatballs
Stuffed Belly and Stuffed Mumbar (Bumbar)
Lentil Spinach Head
Adana Squeezed
Liver and Lahmacun

Famous soups of Adana cuisine;

Kamhi Soup
Thimble Soup
Mahluta Soup
Widow Soup
Mother and Daughter Soup

Adana’s famous desserts;

Bici Bici Dessert
Yellow Burma

Famous drinks of Adana local cuisine;

Turnip Juice
Misis Buttermilk

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