What are the benefits of turnip juice? What is good for drinking turnip juice before going to bed?

Turnip juice

What are the benefits of turnip juice? What is good for drinking turnip juice before going to bed?

Turnip, a flavor unique to Adana in Turkey, protects the body from many diseases, especially cancer, as it purifies the body from toxins with its antioxidant properties. Turnip juice, which is rich in probiotics, protects from digestive system diseases by providing intestinal flora balance. So what are the benefits of spicy turnip juice? How to prepare turnip juice?

Turnip is one of the traditional beverages of Turkish culture and its numerous benefits increase the body’s resistance to many diseases. One of the storage methods used by Anatolian people who want to preserve their food for a long time in winter is fermentation. Turnip juice obtained by fermentation has many benefits for human health, especially energizing and regular functioning of the digestive system.

What are the Benefits of Turnip Juice?

It protects against diseases with the rich vitamins and minerals it contains and prevents poisoning by purifying the body from toxins with its antioxidant properties. Fermented foods have many benefits for human health. Especially when foods such as pickles, kefir, tarhana and turnip are prepared naturally at home with traditional methods, numerous health benefits are seen. Turnip, which is a probiotic food, is especially beneficial for intestinal health. The health benefits of homemade natural turnip are as follows.

• With its antioxidant properties, it cleanses the body of toxins, thus preventing the spread of cancer cells in the body.

• Thanks to the vitamin C it contains, it meets the daily vitamin C requirement and is a natural antibiotic against colds in winter.

• The potassium, iron and calcium it contains helps bone development and prevents deformations that may occur in the bones.

• It is recommended that people who cannot gain weight drink turnip juice. It enables people to gain weight with its appetizing feature.

• It minimizes the damage caused by smoking and cleans the damage left in the lungs thanks to its antioxidant properties.

• It balances blood sugar, prevents blood clotting, protects blood and vascular health and reduces the risk of stroke and stroke due to this.

• It helps the organs to work regularly.

• Prevents hair loss and prevents premature graying of hair.

• It ensures the regular functioning of the digestive system and facilitates digestion.

• It is beneficial for tooth and gum problems thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains.

• Helps to reduce kidney stones.

• Increases resistance against diseases by strengthening the immune system.

• It is a diuretic. Thus, it ensures that the inflammation in the body is excreted naturally.

• Lowers bad cholesterol.

• Since it helps to purify the toxins formed in the liver, it ensures the healthy functioning of the liver.

• It prevents the formation of bad odors caused by sweat.

• It has also been found to reduce stress.

Does Turnip Juice Slimming?

Turnip juice, which can be consumed with or without bitterness, helps to lose weight because it ensures the regular functioning of the digestive system when drunk regularly 1 glass a day.

Can I Drink Turnip Juice Before Going to Bed?

Drinking a glass of turnip juice before going to bed at night prevents the internal organs from getting fat by making the metabolism work more during sleep. By making the digestive system work faster, it is good for bloating caused by constipation. Therefore, it is recommended to drink a little turnip juice every 2-3 days before going to bed at night.

Harm of Turnip Juice?

Like every nutrient, turnip is harmful when not consumed in moderation. Therefore, it should be consumed in certain measurements. Especially blood pressure patients should be careful when drinking turnip. Since excessive consumption will cause bloating, those who have stomach ailments should also drink carefully.

How to Make Natural Turnip Juice?

1 kg black carrot

1 kg turnip radish

1 tea glass bulgur

3 tablespoons salt

After washing the carrots and radishes, slice the carrots without peeling the peel, place the bulgur in a clean cloth and tie it. Put the tied bulgur at the bottom of the jar or bottle where the turnip juice will be made. After the carrots and radishes are added respectively, salt is added and the bottle is filled with water to the brim. After waiting 20 days, it can be consumed. Natural homemade turnip should be consumed within 20-25 days.

Nutritional Values of 1 Glass of Juice
Carbohydrate 2.12
Protein 1.03
Fat 0.22
Fiber 0.32

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