Turkish Tea Brands Teas we can drink in Turkey

Turkish Tea Brands Teas we can drink in Turkey

Tea, an indispensable product of conversation environments, is offered for sale by many brands in Turkey. The characteristics of the production region, harvest time and drying criteria affect the taste of tea as well as its flavor. Since tea production in Turkey is carried out in the Black Sea Region, tea is the most frequently consumed beverage in this geography.

Turkey’s Best Tea Brands

  • Çaykur
  • Doğuş Çay
  • Lipton
  • Tirebolu 42
  • Beta Tea
  • Karali Çay
  • Ahmad Tea
  • Doğadan
  • Ofçay

So, what is the best tea for breakfast and happy hours? If you trust your palate; you can also understand whether the tea you drink is good or bad. Those who evaluate tea according to the flavor it leaves on the palate also know which tea has what kind of properties in the list of the best tea brands.

Wherever you go in the world, you can see that tea is drunk in some form. You can recognize types such as green tea, white tea, bergamot tea and red tea in many regions. Tea, which is also very beneficial for health when drunk in moderation, is on the list of the best in this article. This article, which we have prepared for those who wonder what is the best tea brand, will delight tea drinkers.

We do not forget to give information about the best herbal tea for those who love herbal support. While answering the question of which is the best bergamot tea for those looking for a pleasant aroma in tea; We can also clarify the dilemma of which is the best tea here. The best tea is the tea that you like to drink, so let’s start our article to introduce the most popular teas in Turkey.

The Best Tea Brands to Drink in Turkey

1) Çaykur

  • Opened in 1947 as a state factory, Çaykur blends the teas collected in the Black Sea Region and offers them to consumers.
  • Çaykur, which gives delicious results in bulk tea, is a company that also produces herbal tea and cold tea.
  • Çaykur, which is an option for those who say which is the best green tea, also satisfies the consumer in tea packaging.

2) Doğuş Çay

  • Doğuş Çay is one of the companies that produce many types of tea such as herbal tea, tea bags, powdered tea.
  • Since 1985, this company, which has been operating its tea production facilities non-stop, has been distributing tea all over Turkey.
  • Doğuş Çay, which is a developing and innovative company day by day, offers you bergamot and blend teas.

3) Lipton

  • Lipton, one of the leading tea companies in Turkey, is a brand that prepares many types of tea in its production facilities.
  • Soft drink, first harvest, herbal teas and bergamot teas are the types that are frequently sold in the market.
  • Lipton, which also has economically suitable options, is one of the brands sought by those who love bulk and bagged tea.

4) Tirebolu 42

  • After the teas grown in Giresun are collected at harvest time, drying them in the Giresun sun allows Tirebolu 42 teas to reach you.
  • It is stated that it is a tea grown in more mountainous and high areas compared to other teas.
  • Teas prepared according to the taste of tea drinkers by passing through various sieves are waiting for their buyers in the markets.

5) Beta Çay

  • Beta Çay has a packaging facility in Adana and a production facility in Trabzon. This company is known for bringing the first imported teas.
  • Beta Tea delivers many types of tea such as black tea, white tea, green tea, oolong tea, white tea, herbal tea.
  • Tea has a very high quality understanding of packaging and transportation.
  • You can try this company, which makes very affordable sales in economic terms, and add it to your tea collection.

6) Karali Çay

  • Karali Çay, prepared by processing the teas carefully grown in Rize in the factory after they are collected at harvest time, is one of the popular brands in the country.
  • Karali Çay, which is one of the companies preferred by organic nutritionists, also delivers many types of tea to the shelves.
  • Those who love organic bulk black tea, filter bags and teapot bags can meet Karali Tea.

7) Ahmad Çay

  • Ahmad Çay is one of the most popular tea brands that are frequently sold in our country. Ahmad Tea, a British family-owned company, makes its difference in the aisle thanks to its elegant packaging methods.
  • Since 1986, Ahmad Tea, which has remained alive in the market until today, is one of the leading names of natural and preservative-free teas.
  • This company, which also offers fruity and herbal teas, offers delicious brewing opportunities for tea lovers.

8) Doğadan Çay

  • Doğadan, owned by The Coca-Cola Company, is a brand that has been carefully preparing brewed teas since 1975 and delivering them to every corner of the country.
  • This company, which has herbal tea, black tea, green tea, bergamot tea, offers products that tea drinkers love to buy.
  • Especially Doğadan, which has dozens of herbal tea options, is the pioneer of teas that warm you at every moment of the day.

9) Ofçay

  • Ofçay, which provides successful products in tea production in Turkey, is a company that became a partner in tea production and competition in the market in 1985.
  • Ofçay, which brought the thread-stitched tea bag application to our country, has been both a pioneer and an exemplary company in the field of tea bags.
  • Ofçay, which offers delicious teas such as form tea, tea bags, teapot tea, bulk tea with quality, is one of the brands that do not forget its name in this field.


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