Turkish Tale Son of the wind

Turkish Tale Son of the wind

Once upon a time, once upon a time, there was a man named Rüzgâroğlu who talked little and listened much. Rüzgâroğlu was married. He had a five-year-old son named Nuryüz and a four-year-old daughter named Gülyüz.

The family of Rüzgargâroğlu was so rich and happy that they did not lack even the tip of a needle. Since Rüzgargâroğlu was fond of hunting, he spent almost all his days in the forest in search of game. He would ride his beautiful horse like a gazelle, take his two dogs that went as fast as a bow, and hang his rifle on his shoulder and go hunting in the mornings.

One day, Rüzgargâroğlu went hunting in the forest as he did every morning. He searched and searched, but could not find anything to hunt. He sat down at a water hole to rest and water his horse. While his dogs were crouching next to him, breathing fast, his horse was drinking water with appetite and he was watching the beauties of the forest. Somehow, at that moment, a deer suddenly caught his eye. The deer’s skin was burning brightly under the sun and the vividness of its black eyes could be seen even from a distance. Rüzgâroğlu was staring at the deer without blinking, and the deer was staring at them without moving.

In order not to miss this opportunity, Rüzgâroğlu got up from his seat, jumped on his horse and started to ride full rein in the direction of the deer. Hunting dogs running like bows were chasing the deer, and Rüzgâroğlu was firing without stopping.

But what is it? Even though he used up all the bullets in his rifle; he could not hit the deer. The rifle, which had knocked down every prey with the first shot, could not reach the target today. The deer ran away and they chased it. Finally, at the top of a mountain the deer disappeared. While Rüzgäroğlu was searching where the deer had run off to, he heard a voice from far away. This voice, whose identity was not clear, was saying:

Hey, Windmonger, Windmonger! Do you want wealth in youth and poverty in old age? Or poverty in youth and wealth in old age?

Windroglu gave up looking for the deer. He started to think about these words that kept ringing in his ears. He was both leaving and saying to himself, “I wonder who said these words; what should I say back?” So he returned home. He was always thinking about these words while sitting and eating. Even at night he could not sleep.

The next morning, Rüzgargâroğlu went hunting again. He ran to the right, he ran to the left and again he could not catch any bird or animal. He came to the water’s edge the day before. While he was resting, he did not see the deer again? He said to himself “this time I will not miss this deer” and jumped on his horse. He fell behind him. This time he could not hit the deer even though he fired more bullets. The day before, he lost sight of the animal again at the top of the mountain. Soon the strange voice was heard:

Windmonger! Windmonger! Listen to me: do you want riches in youth and poverty in old age? Or poverty in youth and wealth in old age?

The curiosity of Windmonger increased. He looked around, no one was in sight. He waited where he was for a while without moving; he did not hear the voice again. He went back to his house in thought again.

His wife, who had seen him very thoughtful for two days, asked him:

Windmonger, what’s wrong with you? For the last two days I have seen you very thoughtful. However, we have never suffered any sorrow until today. We lack nothing. We live comfortably and happily. Can you tell me what you think?

He told his life partner one by one what he had seen and heard. Then his wife:

What is there to think about, he said, one should think about the end, about one’s old age, about the time when one cannot work. Tomorrow when you go hunting, if that voice asks you the same thing again, answer, “I want poverty in youth and wealth in old age”!

Windmonger found his wife’s words to be true. The next day he came across the same deer again in the hunt. Although he shot after it many times, he could not hunt it. Again the usual sound was heard:

Rüzgâroğlu Rüzgâroğlu Do you want riches in youth and poverty in old age, or poverty in youth and riches in old age?

Windmonger responded immediately:

It is better to be poor in youth and rich in old age!…

Then he returned from the forest and went home. On the way, one of the dogs could not cross the stream and drowned. While he was grieving over the death of his dog, his horse ate a poisonous weed and died. The man’s grief increased, but what could he do? He continued on his way with his only dog. As they approached the house, a tile fell from the roof of one of the neighboring houses and knocked the other dog down lifeless.

Until then, Rüzgâroğlu, who knew no sorrow or trouble, threw himself into the house with his hair disheveled and tears in his eyes. His wife also started to cry when she heard the situation. At night, they slept without eating or drinking water, but not a drop of sleep entered their eyes. In the morning they had a hard time.

The weather that day was very bad. A violent storm was blowing and lightning was falling nearby. One of the lightning strikes ignited the dry grass around the mansion. Then the fire grew and surrounded the mansion. In the blink of an eye, the eaves of the mansion caught fire. Due to the violence of the storm, the whole mansion was suddenly engulfed in flames and burned to ashes. Windyroglu could hardly get his wife and children out of the mansion. Since they could not save any belongings, money or clothes, they were left in the middle of the street.

Nuryüz and Gülyüz were crying non-stop and their mother was weeping with them. Their father, Rüzgâroğlu, was also crying his heart out, but trying not to show it:

Don’t worry, he says, what can we do, it happened. Of course, we will work, strive and have a home again. We will have good days like before.

After the huge mansion burned down, the storm stopped, the weather improved, and the sun warmed the area with its sweet warmth.

Windmonger, the children and their mother seemed to come to their senses. Saying that it was useless to stay in this country anymore, they decided to leave. They set off on foot, naked.

They traveled a little, they traveled far, they traveled up and down… They crossed streams and hills and came to a village. There they joined a farmer and started to work in the field. All four of them were doing their own work, and they were able to feed themselves by swinging the scythe in the field and plowing the threshing floor until the evening.

After a few days there was no work there. They set off again for another village. They traveled and traveled throughout the day, crossing rocky slopes and jumping over thorny grass… Soon a wide stream appeared in front of them. Since the stream was impassable, they had to swim across. The father and mother could swim across, but they started to think about how to get the children across. Windmonger broke thick branches from the trees. He brought them together two, three by two, three by three and tied them with reeds to make two tiny rafts. He put Nuryüz on one and Gülyüz on the other. While he was swimming with one hand, he was pulling Nuryüz’s raft with the other, and his wife was trying to drag Gülyüz’s raft in the same way. Thus, they made it to the middle of the stream. But since the water flowed more in the middle of the stream, Nuryüz’s raft could not escape from his father’s hand and Gülyüz’s raft could not escape from his mother’s hand. The children were both crying loudly and clinging tightly to their tiny rafts in order not to fall into the water.

Faced with this situation, neither their parents knew what to do. The children’s rafts were being swept away by the current of the water. If they went after them, there was no way they could catch up. After crossing to the other side, they started to swim vigorously to find the place where the raft had gone. By the time they came ashore, out of breath, the rafts were already out of sight. They started running along the stream without stopping.

They ran and ran until evening and it got dark. Unfortunately, they could not find the slightest trace of their children, they could not hear their voices.

They did not know what to do in the face of this latest calamity. They spent the night in the forest, on a tree.

The next day they set out again. They traveled a little, they traveled a long way, they traveled up and down… They crossed mountains and stones and traveled up and down with birds and wolves. In every village they passed, they became servants for a rich man and worked until the evenings for a full stomach. After a few days, when there was no work there either, they set off again, going and going until their feet could no longer walk due to exhaustion…

One day they came to a village. After working there for a few days, just as they were about to leave the village, the sultan’s chief aide arrived with his men.

The chief aide was collecting beautiful girls from the villages to serve in the palace. He wanted to take Rüzgâroğlu’s wife to work as a cook in the palace. Rüzgâroğlu thought it would be more convenient for her to work in a comfortable place than to take her with him from mountain to mountain, so he agreed. She stayed alone…

After that, Rüzgargâroğlu wandered around for years, saying this village is yours, that village is mine. Whenever he found a job, he worked and fed himself. On the days when he could not find a job, he starved and did not make a sound. Thus, twenty years passed exactly.

Sometimes he would remember his happy old days and sigh deeply when he saw his wife, his children, his mansion, his horse and his dogs. He believed that one day he would find his old self again and worked tirelessly.

So he traveled for days on long roads. He traveled far and wide, up and down. Finally he reached a big city.

He was so hungry, so hungry that he almost collapsed on the ground. He wandered for hours to find a bakery and ask for a piece of bread. But he could neither meet anyone in the whole city nor find a bakery. He couldn’t understand why such a big city was empty. While he was looking left and right, a bakery caught his eye. He immediately ran to it. Although the door was open and the bread was in the open, there was no one in the bakery. Almost dying of hunger, Rüzgargâroğlu did not touch the bread, thinking that it was theft to take the goods without an owner. Thinking that they would come and ask for it from them, he sat in front of the bakery and waited unconscious. It turned out that there was a sultan election in the country that day. According to the custom of the country, when the sultan died, all the people gathered in the square of the city. The suitor bird would fly and whoever landed on the head of the suitor, that man would be elected as the sultan.

While Rüzgâroğlu was lying unconscious in front of the bakery, a bird of fortune flew over the city square. Hundreds and thousands of people started to look at the bird with excitement, wondering whose head it would land on. The bird circled and circled over the square, landing on no one’s head. It flew away from the square and towards the city. They sent a scout on horseback after it. When the scout entered the city, did he see the bird of fortune on the head of old Rüzgargâroğlu, who was lying unconscious in front of the bakery? He could not believe his eyes. When he got closer to the bakery, he saw that the man on whose head the bird of fortune had landed was a shabby, disheveled, dirty, weak man. Thinking it was a mistake, he took the bird off the man. He also took the windfrog:

Aren’t you bored to sleep here while the sultan is being elected?” and dragged him to the square.

They flew the bird of fortune again. The bird circled over the square three times again, then came and landed directly on the head of Rüzgargâroğlu. Some people said:

It’s done! It’s done! While others shouted: No, no, no, three is the right vote! They insisted. They let the lucky bird fly for the third time. This time it came and landed directly on the head of Son of Wind. In the face of this situation, no one made a sound anymore…

All the people gathered around the new sultan and the courtiers immediately took him away. They washed and cleaned him well, fed him, dressed him in sultan’s clothes and put him on his throne.

When he thought about what had happened to him, he laughed to himself, remembered the sound he had heard in the forest when he was hunting in his youth, and better understood the value of wealth, comfort and happiness in old age.

While he was thinking like this, his chief aide entered:

Sultan, he said, I have a wish from you:

By your edict, I will take two of your most valuable soldiers. I will have them stand guard next to a precious chest of mine…

The sultan gave permission, the chief aide took two soldiers he chose and took them to a room. Pointing to the long chest on the floor:

He said, “This chest contains a valuable item of mine. You will guard it so that no one steals it!

After the chief aide left, the two soldiers began to walk up and down the chest. Then they got bored and decided to tell each other about their lives. One soldier told the other all that had happened to him. It was the other soldier’s turn. He said: My name is Nuryüz, he said. Once upon a time I had a mother and a father. And we were very happy. My brother and I used to play and spend time together. But fortune turned against us. Our mansion burned down. Our animals died. We lost all our money and belongings. My parents took us with them and set off. As they crossed a stream, they put us on tiny rafts. The rafts escaped from their hands. We lost them. A miller saw us and saved us. He took care of us like his own children. I became a soldier and ended up here. My brother Gülyüz now lives and works at the mill. But we miss our parents very much. Who knows if they are dead or not?

Nuryüz’s eyes filled with tears. While his friend was consoling him, they heard a muffled voice. Someone said:

Don’t cry! Don’t cry, son! I’m here, save me!

Both soldiers were surprised. They stopped and listened to find out where the sound was coming from. Then they searched and searched. When they realized that the sound was coming from the chest, they broke it open with the butt of their rifles and wedges, taking everything into consideration.

Didn’t Nuryüz’s mother come out of nowhere? She was very old, thin and pale, but mother and son still recognized each other. While the other soldier looked at them with bewildered eyes, mother and son hugged and kissed each other with long years of longing.

According to her, the chief chamberlain had brought her to the palace as a cook, but then kept her like this and locked her in a chest. Had she not recognized her son and spoken out, he would have had her thrown into the sea for refusing to be his concubine.

In order not to be caught in another trick of the chief aide, Nuryüz and his friend took the woman between them and went straight to the sultan, regardless of the words of the guards. Their aim was to tell him about the misdeed of the chief aide.

Neither Nuryüz nor his mother could suddenly recognize Rüzgâroğlu sitting on the Sultan’s throne, but he recognized his wife and son. He jumped out of his seat and ran to embrace them. Seeing tears of joy flowing from their eyes, the other soldier could not bear it and started to cry too. He too joined in the joy of this family reuniting with each other.

Sultan Rüzgâroğlu also missed his beloved daughter Gülyüz very much. He called the servants and ordered them to prepare the six-horse carriage immediately. After the carriage was ready, all three of them got in. The sultan made the soldier, who had been of great help in rescuing his wife, the head of the coachman. They went straight to the mill where the girl was. The meeting and embrace of Gülyüz, who had grown up and become a very beautiful young girl, with her father, mother and brother was something to behold. They took the miller and his wife with them and returned to the palace. The sultan appointed the miller, who had saved his children’s lives and cared for them as if they were his own children, as vizier.

Sultan Rüzgaroğlu dismissed the chief aide who wanted to harm his wife and had him thrown out of the country.

After that day, the Rüzgâroğlu family started to live much happier than the old days… The more he remembered the voice in the forest, the more he realized that comfort and happiness in old age were more valuable than in youth…


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