Turkish story don’t wear white, it becomes dust

Turkish story don’t wear white, it becomes dust

There were three daughters of a family who had settled in Bolu from a former Turkish province on the Aegean coast occupied by the enemy. Cevriye, Fevriye and Nevriye. These girls started to keep the traditions and customs of the region they grew up in alive in Bolu. They were aware that they were going against the traditions and customs of Bolu, but they were not even there. Even though their way of life was the subject of criticism, they were supported by their parents and did not listen to what they were told.

Three of Mudurnu’s wealthy men, all married with children, were attracted to the beauty and charm of these three girls. Some evenings they would go to these girls’ houses and they made it a habit to have a drunken orgy. They called the girls “girl whores”. They caused them to be called “girl whores”.

At that time, the neighborhood watchmen were not only concerned with the public order of the neighborhood, they were also responsible for protecting the rape and honor of the neighborhood. These three crafty friends drop by the girls’ houses early in the evening in order to steal a night out. Tables are set, sazes are played as much as possible, conversations get deeper. Then the door starts knocking as if it is falling down. The neighborhood watchman, who sees that they have entered this house, informs without wasting time, the imam of the neighborhood, the mukhtar and the headman are knocking on the door. Those who caused the noise and the neighborhood watchman do not know who the people inside are. Because they are from another neighborhood. Desperate, they open the door. In the meantime, the police has been notified, one of the three young men has disappeared, whatever he did, however he did it. They search and cannot find the third one. The police are all over the place. They take the three girls and the two boys under the gate.

In the confusion, the third person ended up in the flour cellar. His hands and face, his expensive black clothes were covered in white and turned into white flour. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get rid of the flour dust and remained in the middle. At that moment, he thought of his children and his young wife whom he loved more than anything. Although he wanted to go home, he realized that he could not because of his condition. He threw himself into their nearby farm, chasing the dogs. Even Şerife, the housekeeper’s wife, could not clean herself. Desperate, he goes home secretly in the morning. As soon as she arrives, she looks at her children, her husband and their innocence as they sleep. He got out from under the door. He escaped, but it soon became known that he was in that house. News goes to the houses of the young men under the gate.

The neighbors warned the lady of the house and the Zaptiye Commander, Black Captain Ahmet Agha, son of Hamza Bey, was informed. The elder lady of the house goes to her brother. When her brother, who was a respectable man, went under the door, he met Black Captain Ahmet Agha. They were acquainted with the commander. They stare at each other in amazement for minutes. They go inside. Three girls and two boys are drinking tea brewed by the constables. The cups fall from their hands and break with the surprise of the people they see in front of them. They enter the commander’s room. While they are examining the incident, somehow the father of the girls comes out of the coffee house and comes under the door. “These two young men are my guests. “He says, “These two young men are my guests. “The issue is covered up and the issue takes a different direction.

Afterwards, the young man and his wife, who were saved from going under the gate, sang this ballad to each other and tried to prove their love for a long time. Maybe that is why it is still sung today. who knows?

Kaynak: Bolu Türküleri Bolu Belediyesi Kültür Yayınları-2 Hazırlayanlar; Sn. Taner CAN, Sn.Siyami PALAZOĞLU

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