Turkish fairy tale Grandmother in the valley

Turkish fairy tale Grandmother in the valley

The water flows and meets the sea.The moon chases the sun and night falls.And a tale begins in the land of fairy tales.

There is a rush in the sultan’s country; is the sultan’s daughter’s tale ready for tonight? Where’s the mirror? Come on, hurry up. If the kingdom of sleep beats us to it, we’ll lose our power.

And at the last moment, the dear mirror comes up with a breathless fairy tale: Forgive us, my princess. It took time to bring the gazelles together.

In a country that may never have been heard of, a young boy lived with his mother. In a small mountain village, in their tiny house, they spent beautiful days and beautiful nights. There was always plenty on their table and a smile on their faces. They lost their father long, long ago, when the boy was just a baby. That is when the mother and son were left alone. They were sad and cried, but there was nothing they could do.

They had a small garden in front of their tiny house. They planted and cultivated it and fed themselves with it. They never complained about how little they had, nor did they ask for more.

Years passed. The boy grew up like a sapling and became a young man. But the years were gradually diminishing his mother’s strength. She could no longer go to the garden and work as she used to. Her hair grayed. Her knees were weak. The boy didn’t want her to get tired anyway. She started planting the garden by herself. He also went up the mountain sometimes to cut firewood. They would bring this wood home and warm themselves with it on cold days. They would sell the leftover wood in the city and earn a few cents.

The boy’s mother has grown old. She has become a beautiful, pretty, sweet grandmother. A sweet-tongued, sociable grandmother… Her neighbors loved her very much. They could never bear to see her sad. Of course, the boy didn’t want his mother to be sad either.

Grandma could no longer cook or clean the house. She begged and begged:

– I only have my son. I want him to be happy. Please, give me a good bride like him. Let there be no joy in this house.

While the beautiful grandmother was thinking like this, one day she called her son to her side. She told him her thought:

O son, I am too old to do any work. I am too old to provide for our needs. I would like a bride to come and put our house in order. What do you say, son?

The boy thought about what his mother had said for a day, two days… Finally he decided that he needed care too. And then he decided;

– He said, “Mommy, whatever you want.

So they started looking for a good-hearted, sweet-tongued, smiling bride-to-be. Grandma wanted a ladylike one. Soon there was already a third person walking around the house. They married the young man. The bride became a part of that house.

At first, their days were so good. They were laughing and having fun together. In the morning, the son and daughter-in-law tidied up the garden. Then the young man would go to the mountain to chop wood. His mother and wife were waiting for him, so as soon as he finished, he headed home. Whenever the sun started to redden, he would pack everything and hit the road.

Days followed weeks, weeks followed months. Seasons changed one by one. The good old days slowly began to fade away. Now shouting was pouring out of the windows of the house. Poor grandma couldn’t do anything to prevent these arguments. Because she was the cause of the quarrel. The bride began to complain morning and evening:

– We don’t have to take care of your mom. Get her out of this house. Let her go away. She’s getting in the way of our happiness. I don’t want her.

The young man patiently;

– Where will he go? He says he has no one but me. And why should she go? She is our mother. She should be our favorite in this world. She does nothing but sit in a corner. Why don’t you want her? If you don’t put food in front of her, she can go hungry for days. She doesn’t ask for a bite from you. He never complains. What is it that you can’t take from him? If he had the strength to do anything, he wouldn’t expect help from you or me.

But despite all these words, the bride insisted that she wanted her grandmother to leave. One night the young man came to his mother. He told her everything one by one:

– Mommy, forgive me. My wife wants you to leave this house. And I can’t afford her anymore.

– Mommy, forgive me. My wife wants you to leave this house. And I can’t afford her anymore.

Grandma said in a low voice;

– He said, “I know, my son. I know everything. Don’t you worry. Take me far away from here and leave me. I’ll take care of myself. Find me a protector.

The boy did not want to leave his mother, whom he loved very much, but he was tired of hearing his wife’s words. So one day, before the morning light, when the roosters were just waking up, he took his mother’s arm and they started walking slowly together. They traveled maybe ten, maybe twenty kilometers from home, maybe more. They came to a valley. It was almost evening. The boy said to his mother;

– Mommy, this is the only place I can bring you. Forgive me.

Grandma saw her son off with a small smile on her face:

– Goodbye, my child. May troubles be far away from you. May you always be happy. May your path be clear and your heart be light.

The boy left his mother in the valley in the evening and returned home. Days passed. But he was never at peace. Bad things came to his mind and he woke up with fear in his sleep

– Who knows what big wolves and wild animals are out there. Maybe they tore my mother to pieces.

He also complained to his wife:

– Tomorrow, when I go back to where I left my mom, I’m sure I won’t find her. You got what you wanted. You must be happy about that. But I killed my mother with my own hands. How could I do that, how could I throw her into the mountains with your words!

His wife, on the other hand, did not care at all about these words and ignored them. Seeing her like this, the young man became angrier and more angry with himself.

The next morning, the young man rushed to the valley. All the while, he said to himself;

– At least let me collect my mother’s bones and bury them in the ground.

But when the young man reached the valley, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He couldn’t believe it. This valley was not like that valley. It was a corner of paradise. Instead of wolves, beautiful-eyed gazelles were roaming everywhere. They were walking around his mother, sleeping on her knees. The boy ran excitedly to his mother:

– Mom! Mom! Mom, thank God you’re alive. You’re still here!

The beautiful grandmother welcomed her son with a smiling face. They embraced with love. The boy asked curiously what happened. Grandma told him:

– After you left, I prayed a lot. Then these beautiful animals came here. They never left me alone. They bring me food. Go on your way, son, I’m comfortable here. Don’t worry.

The boy was more amazed every time his mother opened her mouth. Because when his mother spoke, gold was falling out of her mouth. It was as if roses bloomed on her beautiful face. Everything smelled so good. He could not believe his eyes. He sat next to his mother a little longer. Then he set off thoughtfully.

He returned home with relief and joy. He couldn’t wait to tell his wife the news. Finally, when his wife found out what had happened, she went crazy:

– What! Oh, no! Oh, no! Hurry and take my mom to that valley. Surely that valley has magical powers. And my mom will spit out tons of gold. Imagine how rich I’ll be. Hurry up! What are you waiting for?

The young man stopped marveling at the gold coins spilling out of his mother’s mouth and started marveling at his wife. But he could not find a word to say. Wondering what would happen, he took his wife’s mother to the valley. After leaving her in the valley, he returned home. The next morning, impatient, his wife sent him to the valley:

– Take these pouches with you. Fill them with gold. Come back without delay. I want to get my gold as soon as possible. Who knows how much there is. I’ll live in mansions now. It’s marvelous. I’ll have servants. I’ll stop growing old in this house. I’ll be rich, rich!

While his wife was daydreaming, the young man set out for the valley. But what he saw when he reached the valley frightened him. It was as if the valley was not the valley at all. The gazelles were gone and giant wolves had come instead. Sadly, the young man returned home. He told his wife all he had seen:

– Your mother’s dead. The wolves tore her to pieces. I buried the pieces I found in the ground. I didn’t see her. She wasn’t there. The gazelles took her who knows where.

His wife couldn’t say anything. She was silent… silent… she didn’t say a word for days, months. And she never spoke again.


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