15 names of interesting Turkish dishes

15 names of interesting Turkish dishes

It is probably not our place to describe the beauty of Turkish Cuisine. So we researched the story of our dishes with interesting names for the curious:

1.Vezir Parmağı – Vizier’s finger

The name of this dessert comes from a story rather than a rumor. Once upon a time, the sultan went hunting with his vizier and accidentally cut his thumb. Seeing this, the vizier says, ‘There must be something good, my sultan’. Then another day the sultan encounters a tribe that eats people, but they don’t eat people with cuts on their bodies. This is how the sultan is saved (not sweet, fantastic science fiction).

2.Analı Kızlı – Mother and daughter

In this delicious soup, known as one of the most famous dishes of Adana, large meatballs filled with minced meat are considered as the mother and small meatballs and chickpeas are considered as daughters.

3.Hanım göbeği – Lady belly

This dessert, which dates back to the Ottoman palaces, actually finds its name thanks to a similarity. Why dessert and not a meal? Because the belly of the ladies is very sweet 🙂

4.Şıllık tatlısı – Spoiled dessert

The original name of this dessert, a very old Southeastern Anatolian dish, is ‘Şileki’. In Kurdish, the word Şileki, which means wet, juicy, etc., came to be known as Şıllık thanks to the deformation of some columnists in the early 90s.

5.İmam bayıldı – Imam fainted

There are many stories about this dish. The most well-known one is as follows: Once upon a time, an imam ate this dish for the first time, prepared by his wife, and fainted, either because of its flavor or because of the cost of the ingredients.

According to another story, in another ancient time, an imam married the daughter of a rich olive oil merchant. His wife’s dowry contained a large quantity of good quality olive oil. On the first day, she prepared an eggplant dish for her husband with tomatoes and onions. On the thirteenth day, there were no eggplants on the dinner table. Surprised by this, the imam faints from sadness when he learns that there is no more olive oil.

6.Dul avrat çorbası – Widow woman Soup

It is the name of the soup that a woman who lost her husband years ago used to feed her children with whatever was available at home.

7.Sütlü nuriye – Nuriye with Milk

During the revolutionary period, municipalities ruled by the military imposed an upper limit on baklava prices. However, this regulation caused the producers to be devastated as it did not save their costs. So they started producing lower-cost desserts. Such is the story of nuriye, which is made with hazelnuts instead of pistachios and milk instead of syrup. Its name has no meaning.

8.Kadın buduköfte – Women’s thigh meatballs

This dish is also named after a metaphor. Most of the ladies will bend down and look at their calves after reading this; it doesn’t look very similar. By the way, there are some very strange people who are offended by the name of the meatball and change the name to suit themselves.

9.Yengen – Sister-in-law sandwich toast

If it’s not made up, the story of this one is as follows: The guy who takes his new girlfriend to the buffet where he always hangs out, makes an eyebrow gesture for more toppings by saying ‘Sister-in-law’ while ordering her sandwich, the guys say ‘Here you go, Sister-in-law’ while giving her the sandwich and the events unfold…

10. Genç kız rüyası – A young girl’s dream

We don’t know why this dessert, originally called ‘Banana Split’, was translated into Turkish as ‘Young Girl’s Dream’ and has been called by this name for years…

11.Köpoğlu – Foamoğlu

It is known as an appetizer made from tomatoes and eggplants in the garden of a man who lives in Thrace and is a bit of a vagabond, after spending all his money on raki.

12.Hünkarbeğendi – Hünkar liked it

Sultan Abdülaziz organizes a country trip for the French Empress and Napoleon’s wife Eugene, who came to Istanbul. During this trip, this food is prepared in the palace kitchen. This dish, which Abdülaziz was fond of and Eugene took the recipe to France, was hünkarbeğendi!

13.Ali Nazik – Gentle hand

The name of this dish, which Yavuz Sultan Selim loved to eat, comes from the sultan himself. In fact, he himself praised the cook who made it by asking, ‘Which kind hand made this?

14.Gavurdağı Salatası – Gavur Mountain salad

Located between Adana and Gaziantep, in the southeastern extension of the Taurus Mountains, this mountain also gave its name to the magnificent salad.

15.Babagannuş – My father fainted

Originally a Lebanese dish, Babagannoush is a combination of two words. Baba has the same meaning as ours. Ghanoush means to be pampered, to be delighted, to enjoy. Think of it like baba fainted…

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