The Turtle and its House

The Turtle and its House

Once a river was filled with many sea creatures. All living things lived happily. Sometimes the river would dry up, sometimes the river would fill with water. Sea creatures now instinctively knew when there would be drought and when there would be rain.

One day, it’s time for a drought. So the sea creatures left the river and went to greener pastures where water was abundant. But one of them did not leave the river with a turtle. I was born here and my parents lived here, so I can’t leave this river, he said. The river dried up day by day, the turtle was buried in clay. Just then, a potter came to the river to get some clay. While trying to get clay with his shovel, his shovel hit the turtle.


“Ah! I made a big mistake staying here. This is no longer a safe place. It is useless to insist on an unsafe place, it should not be forgotten that life goes on under all circumstances.” ‘ he said, and walked away as quickly as he could.

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