The Tale of the Wolf and the Stork

The Tale of the Wolf and the Stork

One day, a wolf was eating a fish he had caught and a bone stuck in his throat. No matter what he did, he could not get the bone out of his throat. He begged for help from all the animals in the forest, but no one could help him. The wise turtle pitied the wolf;

“Only an animal with a long beak can remove the bone in its throat. The animal with the longest beak is the stork. Go and ask him for help.”

The wolf, who liked this idea very much, immediately went to the stork;

“Dear stork, I need your help very urgently. A fish bone is stuck in my throat and I can’t get it out no matter what I do. If you can get it out with that long beak, I will be grateful to you for life! I will be grateful to you for life.”

Taking pity on the wolf, the stork asked the wolf to open its mouth with all its might. Sticking its long beak into the wolf’s mouth, it finally pulled out the bone. The wolf started walking towards the forest with the comfort of getting rid of the bone.

The stork said, “Oh, I see you have forgotten the favor done so soon!

I saved you from the pain you couldn’t bear for days, you should thank me.

The wolf turned angrily to the stork and said: “Who ever saw a stork alive after putting its head in the wolf’s mouth! You’re lucky you’re alive now!”

“I think you should thank me. Because if I wanted to, I could have torn your throat out and you wouldn’t be alive now. Tell me, shouldn’t you be thanking me?”

Advice: Bad, inconsiderate people, instead of thanking those who help them, are rude and patronizing.

The Tale of the Wolf and the Goat

The Tale of the Wolf and the Goat


  • Brother sheep, I will eat you. Then the sheep said to the wolf:
  • I am standing in front of you, eat me if you want. But I have a request from you: Do not eat me now. Let me play in front of you a little bit and wrestle a little bit. Eat me after that, he said.

The wolf said “very well” and accepted the sheep’s request. The sheep jumped from right to left and left to right. It kept running from one side to the other. And the wolf kept circling around the sheep and watching it. And the sheep did this and that, and finally it let go and ran away. The wolf waited and waited. But the sheep did not come back. The wolf went in search, but he could not find the sheep.

So the wolf came to the goat:

  • Brother goat, I will eat you. Goat:

-How will you eat me, what will you get if you eat only me? I have two young ones. They are also in the cave. Let me go and breastfeed them. Let me bring my cubs with me and eat us all together. So that after you eat me, there are no cubs left, or after you eat my cubs, there are no cubs left.

The wolf said, “Very well.” The goat went and entered the mountain. She nursed her cubs. She took them both with her and went away. The wolf waited and waited… But the goat did not come. The wolf got up and set off, searching for the goat from mountain to mountain. Despite all his efforts, he could not find the goat. He realized he had lost them both. Then he came to a cave and went inside. He saw a horse tied in the cave. Wolf:

  • Brother horse, I will eat you, he said. The horse said:
  • It is difficult for you to eat me. You are a small wolf, how can you eat a big horse like me?
    The wolf said:
  • I will eat you. The horse:
  • Very well, eat me if you like. Only, I have a certificate** written on my horseshoe. The wolf said:
  • Where is your shoe? he asked. Horse:
  • It is under my foot, he said. The wolf said:
  • Lift your foot and let me see.

So the horse lifted his foot. The wolf bent down to see the certificate on the horse’s hoof.
Taking advantage of this situation, the horse kicked him in the forehead and smashed the wolf’s head. The wolf collapsed on the ground. As he was dying, he began to whine and complain about the things that had happened to him:

You went and saw a sheep
Eat, keep your neck dry
What’s a game for you?
Are you going to be a wrestler?

You went and saw a goat
Eat the dry foot
Whatever, two or three
Are you going to be a shepherd?

You came and saw a horse
Eat and sleep with it
What do you need berat, merat
Are you going to Istanbul?

After saying these words, the wolf died. The sheep survived. The goat survived. The horse also survived.
So I went and they gave me three apples: One for the tale, one for the teller of the tale, and one for the hearers of the tale.

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