The Tale of the Thirsty Crow

The Tale of the Thirsty Crow

It was a hot summer day. The crow was very thirsty. He took off to find water, flew over houses, fields, and trees, but found no water. After a long time, he arrived at a farm. Finally, he saw a jug of water under one of the trees on the farm.

The crow was so happy to be able to find water on the hot summer day, immediately flapping its wings, gliding towards the tree and descending to the ground. He quickly went to the jug and looked inside the jug. There was very little water in the jug. The crow poked its beak into the jug but could not reach the water. Because the water level was too low and the pitcher’s mouth was too narrow, it prevented the crow from accessing the water.

He tried to push the jug down to empty the water from the jug, but the jug was too heavy. The crow was disappointed. He was really thirsty and badly needed a drink of water. He could have given up or flown to another farm to look for water, but he didn’t. Instead, he looked around and said, “What else can I do?” he thought.

He saw that there were a lot of pebbles on the farm and he had a great idea! He took a pebble and put it in the pitcher. Another pebble, another pebble, and then he filled all the pebbles into the jug. As the crow added pebbles, the water level came up to the rim of the pitcher. The crow drank the water and happily flew home!

Advice: The power of thought overcomes any challenge!

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