The Tale of the Snow Queen

The Tale of the Snow Queen

Once upon a time, in a big city far away, there were two little children. They were friends with each other. But they loved each other like brothers. The boy’s name was Kay and the girl’s name was Gerday. They played together all the time and were never separated. Gerda also had a grandmother. Her grandmother knew a lot of fairy tales and would tell them whenever she could. One day when Kay and Gerda were playing, the grandmother called them to her:

– Children, I have a new story for you today. If you want, come and I will tell you, he said. The children ran to grandma. They started to listen to the story with eager ears. Grandma told the children the tale of the Snow Queen, famous for her white blanket that covers everything in winter. The children listened to the story and then went to bed and slept.

The next day, everything was white with snow. Children took to the streets and started sledding. Then they saw a huge sled passing by. It was pulled by a dozen white deer. The children immediately got on the back of this big sled. After sliding for a while, most of the children left the sled and went back.

Only Kay didn’t leave the sled. He didn’t realize that he had traveled a long way from the city. Finally, the sled stopped by itself. Didn’t the Snow Queen come down from the sleigh in her white cloak? Kay realized that the Snow Queen was the queen from Grandma’s fairy tale. The Snow Queen said to Kay:

– He said, “You are so cold, come and sit next to me. Kay sat next to the Snow Queen and wrapped himself in the cloak she gave him. Suddenly she was no longer cold. The Snow Queen took the boy who had fallen asleep next to her and took him back to her castle. It turned out that the Snow Queen took the children she caught to her castle and covered them with ice. This is how she made Kay into an ice figurine. In the city, Gerda, who did not hear from Kay for a long time, went in search of her friend. She walked through the snow-covered forest.

While looking for his friend in the forest, he came across a small hut. When he approached the hut, an old woman opened the door. This woman was a sorceress known for her good deeds there. She said to the girl, “I know what you have come for, my child, you are looking for your friend Kay. Let’s see if the crow in the garden knows where your friend is.” She took Gerda to the backyard. A crow was indeed waiting on a branch in the garden. They asked the crow where Kay was. The crow told them:

– Only the little girl who lived in the forest would know where Kay was. So Gerda asked the old woman’s permission and went on her way. As she wandered deeper into the forest, she saw a tiny, beautiful little hut. The door of the hut opened. From inside came out the little girl the black crow was talking about. To Gerda:

– He said, “Welcome, I was waiting for you to come. He took Gerda inside and sat her by the fire. He gave her some of the food he had brought. Then they slept together. In the morning, the little girl took Gerda to the haystack next to the hut. There were pigeons and deer inside. The pigeons began to sing. The little girl understood the language of the pigeons. She told Gerda what the pigeons meant.

– The pigeons said that the Snow Queen had kidnapped Kay and imprisoned him in her castle, and that the deer knew how to get there. So they made preparations to set off. They tied the deer to the sleigh. Gerda thanked the little girl for helping her. They waved to each other.

Gerda set off on a sleigh pulled by deer. They traveled for days. They reached the northernmost tip of the world, a land where nothing but a blanket of white snow could be seen. It was snowing all the time. After traveling for a while, the deer stopped in front of the door of a white castle. Gerda realized that they had come to the castle of the Snow Queen. She went inside. The inside of the castle was as white as the outside. Gerda started to walk inside the castle. She was calling Kay at the same time. There was no sound in the castle except the echo of her own voice.Gerda saw a door made of ice. She opened the door and looked inside. She found Kay frozen in the middle of the room. It was as if she was an ice figurine. Gerda started to cry, thinking that Kay was dead. She cried so hard that the tears started to fall on the floor. At that moment a miracle happened. The tears from Gerda’s eyes began to melt the frozen Kay. As the ice covering him melted, Kay came to his senses and began to speak.

– Gerda said, “I’m so happy to see you. And Gerda was very glad that Kay wasn’t dead. Kay told her that the Snow Queen had left the castle but that she would be back any minute. They immediately left the castle and got on a sleigh pulled by deer. They left the north country. They went back to their home. Neither of them could forget this exciting adventure. They decided not to go far from home anymore and to listen only to Grandma’s fairy tales.

Three apples fell from the sky… One for the writer of this tale, one for the reader and one for the listener…


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