The Tale of the Lion and the Fox

The Tale of the Lion and the Fox

Long ago, a pair of lions lived in a forest. One morning his wife told him that his breath was bad and unpleasant. When Aslan heard this, he was embarrassed and angry, did not believe what his wife had said, and called the animals in the forest to check if his breath smelled.

The sheep came first. Opening his mouth wide, Aslan said, “Sheep, tell me, does my mouth smell bad?” Said. The sheep thought the lion wanted an honest answer, and the sheep said, “Yes, man. There seems to be a problem with your breathing”. The lion didn’t like this honest answer, and he jumped on the sheep and punished him with his claws.

Then the wolf came and the lion asked the wolf; “What do you think? Does my breath smell? ” Since the wolf saw what had happened to the sheep, he realized that he had to be very careful when answering the question. Kurt said, “Who says you have bad breath?” Said. You have a breath as sweet as the scent of roses. When the lion heard the wolf’s reply, “The flattering wolf!” Then he roared in anger and immediately attacked the wolf with his big claws and punished the wolf.

Finally, it was the turn of the fox. The lion asked the fox the same question. The fox saw what happened to the sheep and the wolf. So he coughed and cleared his throat many times, and then said, “Oh Dear Friend, I’ve had a cold for the past few days, I’m sick. That’s why I can’t smell anything pleasant or unpleasant,” she said.

The lion could not punish the fox in response to the fox’s response.

Advice: Do not involve yourself in a bad situation, otherwise you may be punished for no fault of your own. It would be wise to stay away from such situations.

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