The Tale of the Frog Prince

The Tale of the Frog Prince

Once upon a time, when all wishes came true, there was a king and a beautiful daughter. She was so beautiful, so loving that the king would fulfill her every wish.

Dad, I don’t want to play with my old toys anymore, they’re so boring. I want a new toy.

You are very precious to me, so now I want to give you a toy that my grandfather gave me when I was little. After saying this, the king takes out a golden ball from the safe next to him.

Now this ball can be yours. Even in the sun, this ball shines brighter than the sun. You must never lose this ball.

Thank you, you’re the greatest father in the world.The princess immediately went out into the garden to play with the ball. First she threw the ball and then she went after it herself. As she was playing, she met a very ugly frog.

Get out of here, you ugly frog.

You caught my attention in the bushes, you mesmerized me with your beauty. I want to be friends with you, we can play games together.

How do you think about that? I’d never play with an ugly, wart-ridden frog like you. I’m beautiful. How could I play with a dirty frog like you?

I can jump and swim very well. As soon as the ball runs away, I bring it back. Can you find a better playmate than me?

I’d rather be alone than play with a dirty frog like you.The princess returned to her castle, sick to her stomach. The next day she went under the linden tree by the well, where the frog would not find her and where she would have peace and quiet. She threw the ball in the air and just as she was about to catch it, the ball shone with sunlight and dazzled the princess. The princess couldn’t hold the ball and it escaped into the well.

Oh, no, my father’s gift, my goldenseal, has gone down the well. But this well is so deep, I can’t even see where it is.Suddenly she started crying. No one could help her. As she continued to cry, she suddenly heard a voice.

Why are you crying like this? I couldn’t bear it if my heart was made of stone. The princess looked around, trying to find where the voice was coming from.

Was it you, ugly frog? I’m crying because my shining ball of gold has fallen into the well.

Don’t worry, I can easily help you, but what will you give me in return?

If you can get my ball out, I’ll give you whatever you want. My clothes, my jewelry, my gold, even the crown on my head.

I don’t want your clothes, your jewelry, your gold or your crown. What I want is for you to be my friend, to play games with me, to sit at the same table and eat together, to drink the same drink.The princess is bored with the frog and decides to accept whatever he says.

Okay, I’ll do whatever you want. Just save my ball and we’ll do it all, I promise.As soon as the frog hears this, he immediately jumps into the well and after a short time he comes out of the well and leaves the goldilocks on the grass. The princess takes the ball and runs away from there.

Stop, please, you promised to take me with you, I can’t run as fast as you. But in vain, the princess was already gone. The next day the king and the princess sat down to eat. The princess was about to start eating when suddenly there was a noise at the door.

Princess, please open the door.When the Princess heard the voice, she got up and looked at the door. As soon as she opened the door, she saw the ugly frog.

You ugly thing, what are you doing here, how dare you come to my door? Get out of here right now.He closed the door hard and went back to the king. When the king saw the state of his daughter, he could not bear it,

What’s the matter, girl, is there a giant at the door who wants to take you away?

What does this frog want?

Yesterday I was playing with my goldball near the well when the ball suddenly fell into the well. The frog came to me and said he could get my ball out, but on one condition. He said he wanted to be friends with me. I agreed at that moment, but I didn’t know that he would follow me here. Now he is at my doorstep waiting for me to let him in.

Princess, open the door. You promised me.

Girl, if you promised, you must keep your promise, open the door and let the frog in.The princess got up at her father’s request and opened the door. When the princess opened the door, the frog came jumping to her.

Thank you princess. Sit me next to you in the chair. The princess looked at the frog angrily, but when she realized how her father was looking at her, she sat the frog in the chair.

Let’s have dinner together.The princess had lost her appetite. She barely ate a little. The frog, on the other hand, dived into the food with a voracious appetite.

Can I have some more soup? I haven’t had anything this delicious in a long time.All the princess ate was lining her throat. Finally the frog finished eating.

Let’s go to your room, I’m very tired, make me that silk bed and we’ll sleep and rest together.

That’s enough, ugly frog, you’ll leave this palace right now.

These words are unbecoming for a princess. If a nobleman makes a promise, you must keep it. And you will keep your word.The princess reluctantly picked up the frog with the tips of her fingers and put it in a corner of the room.

If you move from here, I’ll throw you in the darkest forest.

But I’m tired too, I want a good night’s sleep. If you don’t put me to bed with you, I’ll report you to the king.

You’re really disgusting.The princess grabs the frog and quickly throws it against the wall. The frog dies instantly and falls to the ground. The princess pokes the frog and says, “Don’t pretend, get up now.

I can’t believe he’s really dead. How could I do such a thing?He picks up the frog and starts crying. Then he kisses the frog. Just then the frog comes to life and jumps to the ground. And then he turns into a very handsome prince.

Who are you? What happened to the little frog?

Don’t be afraid, I am that little frog, I have finally turned into a prince and I will tell you what happened to me.

When I was human, I was very selfish and spoiled. One day I was bored and went hunting in the forest. I was killing animals. Suddenly a forest fairy appeared.

Those animals have lives too, they are not your toys. God did not create nature for this.

How dare you talk to me like that? Do you know who I am? I am the king’s son, the prince of these parts. In this forest, nature is mine, I am the sole owner.

You don’t know that there is only one owner of nature and that is God. God created this universe, you have no right to kill those animals. God did not create this wonderful nature for a spoiled prince like you to destroy.

Enough of your nonsense, get out of here. Just then the fairy turned into a tall woman.

You selfish prince. I’ll turn you into a frog so you’ll understand nature. Hungry snakes will run after you, hunting you just like you hunt them.As soon as the fairy said that, the prince became a frog.

Please don’t peri, forgive me, I will never harm nature again.

You realize what you’ve done wrong, but I won’t forgive you, but I still have to tell you how to break the spell.

Please tell me how to get rid of it? I would do anything to be saved and become human again.

The only way out is to find a princess who has no respect for nature and make her treat you well. If she succeeds, you’ll become human.The princess realized her mistake and was ashamed of herself.

Don’t be sad, princess, it’s over now. Be kind to all living things from now on.

I promise you, prince, from now on I will be kind to all living things.

Okay, now that you’ve promised, princess, I need something from you.

Of course I can do whatever you want.

You really are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, I have fallen in love with you, will you marry me?The beautiful princess accepted this offer without a second thought. They told the king what had happened and said they wanted to get married. The king gave them permission and they got married. Every day they went to the garden and the forest together and fed the animals. The forest fairy who had turned Prince Charming into a frog saw them and was very happy.

Congratulations to you guys. You have become great people now. In fact, there is a great personality in every human being. But most people cannot bring it out. You have proved that you are great people by being good to nature. Because people who love nature and treat nature well are great people. God should do everything in His power to make you happy.The prince and the princess lived a long and happy life after what the forest fairy said about them.


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