The Tale of the Emperor Penguin

The Tale of the Emperor Penguin

The Emperor Penguin tale is among the most beautiful children’s fairy tales. If you are looking for a short fairy tale to tell your child, this beautiful children’s tale is just for you.

As winter was slowly setting in, all the penguins set off on a journey. The emperor penguin and his mate Pigu were among them. They were looking for a place with lots of sunshine.

After many days of traveling, they found a valley between two mountains. In recent days Mrs. Pigu had been feeling weak. To her husband,

– I think we’re going to have a baby, he said.

Too late, she laid an egg. Seeing this, the emperor waddled for joy and slid on the ice. Mrs. Pigu warmed the egg in her thick fur.

The next day Pigu woke up early. To his wife,

– My body is running out of nutrients. When our chick hatches, we need to feed it too. I must go to the sea to find food, she said.

Emperor penguin:

– He said, “You go, I’ll wait at the hatchery for our baby.

And then what happened?

So Pigu:

– I will try to come as soon as possible,” he said, saying goodbye to his wife.

The emperor sensed that this separation would be a long one. He knew it was not easy to find food.

It was the beginning of a difficult period for the emperor penguin. He kept the egg under him at all times, never getting up. If she did, the egg would freeze. And he would not be able to meet his chick. Like all fathers, the emperor was waiting for his mate to come, enduring hunger and cold.

Winter had arrived in Antarctica and severe blizzards had begun. To avoid freezing in these conditions,

 Friends, let’s all face the sun. Let’s all come close to each other in a circle. This way we will keep warm and prevent the cold from entering between us.

All the penguins formed concentric circles. The oldest penguins lined up in the center. Those outside the circle were colder. They showed great solidarity and changed places often.

After two months of hard work, all the eggs began to hatch one by one. Now the chicks were hatching.

When the emperor saw the baby emerging from the shells,

He said, “Welcome to Antarctica, my beautiful baby.

The baby penguin huddled close, wrapping its head in the warm fur at its father’s feet. The emperor looked out to sea,

Where have you been, Pigu? Our baby is waiting for you. Please come back soon, he murmured.

One morning one of those days, it finally happened. The penguins’ mates began to spin. Like the other mothers, Pigu came out of the water.

When the emperor penguin saw his mate, he ran and hugged her longingly.

– He said, “We miss you so much.

I missed you too,” Pigu said as he bent down and looked at his cub.

– How beautiful, he said.

Just like his mother, said the emperor.

Pigu was very happy to be reunited with his family. His eyes misted up.

“I almost forgot,” he said, handing her the seashell he had hidden under his wing.

Emperor penguin:

-Well, I couldn’t prepare a present for you, she said, pointing to the Pigu puppy.

You gave me the best gift in the world,” he said, hugging his wife once more.

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