The Tale of the Cautious Chicken

The Tale of the Cautious Chicken

Once upon a time, there was a tiny village full of peaceful and cheerful animals. One night a hungry fox came to the top of the village and he was very hungry.  But there were too many big dogs in the village and he began to wonder how he could sneak into the village.

Two spots caught his eye: a flock of sheep grazing with their lambs and a flock of chickens with their chicks. Then he thought that the chickens were the weakest and glided towards the village.

He decided to go to whichever henhouse the light was off, thinking that the chickens would go to bed early, so he sneaked towards the henhouse. But there was a point he forgot.

The Black Rooster, who has never seen the Black Rooster, never sleeps at night, he stays awake to protect the henhouse, spreads his wings wide and looks around with his eyes.

When he saw the fox approaching, he shouted and all the chickens ran away. The mother hen could not move because she was incubating and had small chicks, because if she ran away, her chicks would not be as fast as she was.

So she hid her chicks under her wings and never moved.

The fox was astonished: “Why didn’t you run away like the others? Why aren’t you afraid of me.”

Chicken: “I’m scared but I couldn’t run away because I have small babies and I had to stay here and defend them. Aren’t you a mother too, sister fox, wouldn’t you protect your cubs?”

But he was so hungry that he looked for another solution, and this time he tried to sneak into the barn where the lambs and sheep were. He had to be more careful because Hero Dog was on guard there too. He tried to drive the dog away with a little plan.

He knocked on the door, frightened: “Brother dog, there’s a little cat up in that tree over there. I am afraid of heights, why don’t you help the kitten, after all, you are their hero brother.”

With this word he encouraged the dog and made it run towards the opposite tree and away from there.

Rubbing his hands: “Let’s go and see who will protect the heroic brothers and the lambs”, he was kicked very hard in the head and he flew to the side of the heroic brother.

From there; “White sheep, who are you kidding Kahraman Abi may leave, but I am a mother and I am strong and big-hearted enough to protect my babies under all circumstances. No one can touch my cubs.”When Hero Dog saw the incident, he realized that he had been tricked and immediately started chasing the fox. The fox ran away from the village without looking back.

The fox was very ashamed of what he had done. So there is a superhero in every mother. He said, “While mothers have this heart, I will go hungry for a long time.And he regretted attacking these defenseless chickens and walked away from that village.He decided to go to other places. The fox, who was famous for his cunning and cunning, this time succumbed to the mercy of his heart.


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