The Tale of the Bottomless Well

The Tale of the Bottomless Well

In one country there was an old sultan who was also sick. This sultan had two sons, but his two sons never got along with each other. A fight for the throne was added to this discord. So one day the sultan asked his two sons to find a cure to save him from the disease. Upon their father’s request, the two brothers set out to find a remedy to cure their father. Tired of walking, the brothers came to a well and started to rest.

While the two brothers were resting, a fight broke out between them over who should take the throne. During the fight, the older brother grabbed the younger and threw him into the well. When he returned to his country, he told his father that his brother was eaten by wolves. The old sultan was very upset and his illness increased. The younger brother, who was thrown into the well, started to wait for someone to come to save him. While the boy was waiting in the well, suddenly a grandfather with a limp appeared in front of him and asked him what he was doing in the bottomless well. The boy told the grandfather what his brother did. Taking pity on the boy, the grandfather took him out of the bottomless well.

After taking the boy out, the bearded grandfather gave him two beard strands. He said that when he rubbed these strands, two horses would appear in front of him. He told the boy that when he chose the white one of these horses, he would go to the earth and when he chose the black one, he would go to the bottom of the earth. The boy rubbed the wires together and two horses appeared. The boy, who wanted to choose the white horse, made a mistake at the last moment and chose the black horse and thus went underground.

Under the ground, he came across an underground country. Very hungry and thirsty, the young man knocked on the door of a house in the country. He asked the grandmother who opened the door to give him food. When the grandmother hesitated, he persuaded her by giving her gold and fed her. Realizing that he was very thirsty, the boy asked the grandmother for water, but the grandmother told him that they had no water and that they could only get water one day a week with the permission of the giant. The giant’s permission was to fill the water after the sultan’s daughter brought him food until he finished his meal. She explained that tomorrow was the day to fill water.

Wanting to drink water, the boy waited on the giant’s path the next day. Then the sultan’s daughter appeared and the boy offered to accompany her to the giant. They set off with the girl. When they came near the giant, the boy killed the giant and prevented people from suffering from thirst. The young girl immediately went home and told her sultan father what had happened. Then the sultan started looking for the young man who killed the giant. While the young boy was sleeping under a tree, a snake appeared before him. When he realized that this snake would eat the babies in the tree, he killed the snake.

When the Phoenix, the mother of the chicks, saw the young man who saved her chicks, she was grateful to him. She asked him to wish for something. The young boy then asked the bird to bring him to the earth. Phoenix told him that she could do it if he gave her forty bowls of water and meat. Learning of the requests, the boy went to his grandmother’s house where he had eaten and asked her for help.

The grandmother told him that he could only find what he wanted if he went to the sultan’s palace and told him where the palace was. The sultan’s daughter recognized the boy who reached the palace in a short time and told his father. The sultan asked him to marry his daughter in return for his favor. The boy, who fell in love with the girl the moment he saw her, told the sultan that he would do what he wanted if they gave him forty tuluk of meat and water. The sultan gave him what the boy wanted and sent his daughter with the boy. The sultan’s daughter and the boy went to the Phoenix and gave him what he wanted. Then the Phoenix told them to ride on his back.

Soon the boy and girl came to earth and went to the palace of the boy’s father. The old father was very happy to see his son alive and when he heard what had happened, he left his throne to his young son. He also married the boy and the girl and had a wedding for 40 days and 40 nights. He also distributed gold coins to the poor in honor of the wedding. The eldest son left the country for fear of his father.

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