The Tale of Shita the Jealous Cat

The Tale of Shita the Jealous Cat

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a family lived in a small house. This family had a 2-year-old daughter and a cat named Shita. Shita was a snowy white cat. The little girl Burcu loved Shita very much and they even slept together some nights. Even when they ate, she accompanied them on a small chair and became like a child of the house. She would help with the cooking and in the evening she would tell Burcu fairy tales.

Burcu would fall asleep to these tales and have beautiful dreams. As the days passed, the bond between them grew stronger and stronger. Every morning when Burcu woke up, she would kiss Shita and start the day happily. Burcu’s parents started working. So that Burcu would not be alone at home, they enrolled her in a school. Although Burcu was happy to go to school, she was very sad when she thought that she would be separated from Shita. When Burcu started school, she participated in many wonderful activities, learned to draw, and took part in folk dances. Burcu shared what she had learned with Shita at home and tried to paint her pictures and sometimes danced the halay with her.

Burcu, who also learned chess, started to prepare for the Olympics because she was very successful. Shita has been a great support for her on this path. Burcu, who started to play chess with Şita constantly, managed to be even more successful and came first in the Olympics. Burcu carried her medal around her neck with great joy, running, playing and hugging Shita all the time. After a while, a new member joined Burcu’s family. Little Ege, the new child of the family, was attracting all the attention and Burcu and Shita the cat were very jealous. Even though the family did not neglect Burcu and Shita, this situation bothered them a lot and they did not want little Ege among them. One day Burcu told her mother ;

“Ege is not my brother. You are only interested in him.” He said. The mother was very surprised by this. But she loved Burcu, Ege and Şita very much. Şita was going to Ege’s bed, refusing to put him to bed and even urinating on his bed. However, Shita never urinated in public at home. She even toilet trained Burcu. Now the family started to wonder what had happened to make her do this.

Day by day, Burcu’s success at school was declining and her teachers were constantly calling her parents to school. Saddened by this situation, the family decided to talk to Burcu and Şita one day. Şita was acting very aggressive towards them and wouldn’t even sit at the dinner table anymore. At dinner time, the family said that Shita and Burcu should sit at the table and that they wanted to talk about something. The two were forced to come to the table;

”What can you talk to us about? Go take care of Aegean. You don’t love us anymore.” He said.


 “I love you very much, but Aegean is still very young. He doesn’t understand you. But he loves you too. ” Shita and Burcu were very surprised.

They started to love Ege and even took a much closer interest in him. Years passed and Ege, his sister Burcu and Şita lived a happy life with their brotherhood that set an example for everyone.

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