The Tale of Keloğlan the Shepherd

The Tale of Keloğlan the Shepherd

Once upon a time, in a small village, Keloğlan and his mother and his father were shepherds. One day, while shepherding sheep in the mountains, his father was intercepted by bandits. They ask for a few sheep. Keloğlan’s father too:

“These sheep are entrusted to me,” he says. When the bandits force him, Keloğlan’s father resists. So the bandits catch him, throw him in the dungeon and take all the sheep from him. Soon the news spreads to the village. Keloğlan’s father is captured. Days passed and the livelihood of the mother and son became difficult. Keloğlan thought and thought, and when the villagers could not find a new shepherd, he decided to be the shepherd of the village. The villagers;

Despite their insistence that “You can’t do it, you need to study”, he started shepherding with his mother’s consent. It turned out that Keloğlan’s goal was to save his father from those bandits. Early in the morning, he took the sheep of the village and hit the road. He came to the foot of a mountain. There was a stream on the side of the mountain. The sheep started to drink water from the stream. Keloğlan was very tired, he said to himself: “Let me rest a little in the shade of that tree,” he said.

As soon as he lay down under the tree, he fell asleep from exhaustion. Meanwhile, the sheep started grazing after quenching their thirst. After filling their bellies, they scattered around. A long time passed… Then evening came. The villagers were alarmed to see that the sheep had not come.

“What the hell have we done, handing over so many sheep to a little boy … I hope nothing will happen to him!” they said. Still, they were not at peace and went out to look for Keloğlan and the sheep. Meanwhile, Keloğlan woke up from his sleep with a great noise. And what did he see! The bandits were collecting the sheep grazing around… Keloğlan: “Hey! What are you doing? They are my flock… entrusted to me!” he shouted. The bandits:

“Last year someone said just like you, and now he is lying in a black dungeon where the sun never sees the light of day!” they replied. Keloğlan realized that these bandits were the same bandits who had imprisoned his father. He immediately began to devise a cunning plan. The bandits approached Keloğlan:

“Aren’t you giving us these sheep now?” they said. Keloğlan:

“Aghas, how dare I! Just let me go. In fact, if you wait a while, I will bring you another herd!” Then the bandits:

“Come quickly if you don’t want to lose your life!” they said. Keloğlan was happy that he had deceived the bandits and went on his way to the village. His aim was to save his father by bringing the villagers and having the bandits captured. After traveling for a while, he met the villagers who were looking for him. He excitedly told them what happened. The villagers immediately went with Keloğlan to where the herd was.

They secretly approached the bandits and suddenly pounced on them and captured them. They learned the location of the dungeon where Keloğlan’s father was and saved Keloğlan’s father. Keloğlan told the villagers with joy: “We saved my father from the bandits … I will no longer be a shepherd … I will continue my schooling.” Then he went home with his father and they lived a happy life.

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