The Tale of Keloğlan and Freckled Chicken

The Tale of Keloğlan and Freckled Chicken

Once upon a time, in one of the distant countries, there lived our Keloğlan. Keloğlan was bald, bald, but his features were very beautiful. He was interested in people, kind to his friends, loved animals, but did not like to work. Whenever his mother asked him to do something, he made up an excuse, and when she got angry, he hid here and there.

One day, while he was sleeping in front of the door of the house, a short boy approached him:

– Hush, Keloğlan, Keleşoğlan, the son who upset his mother, he shouted. Keloğlan immediately turned around, went back to sleep and started to have a dream. In his dream, he was walking on a long road, and as he was walking, he first met a chicken,


– Keloğlan, if you only knew what happened to me, you don’t know what to say or do, you don’t know what happened to me, if you want me to tell you what happened first, he kept telling how the foxes were walking in front of their hen house. Just as Keloğlan wanted to help him, he woke up… He woke up and what did he see, wasn’t the freckled chicken in their house sitting right on his belly? He grabbed her by the wings and rushed her into the coop. The freckled rooster was surprised, but since Keloğlan was under the influence of the dream, he thought that the fox would take the freckled hen away.

A few days later, having the same dream, Keloğlan took the freckled chicken, the only chicken in the coop, and started to put it to bed in his own bed. His mother was very angry about this, what was the chicken doing in the bed, he should have put it in the coop like a man. Every time Keloğlan closed his eyes, he saw the fox kidnapping the freckled hen. Finally, he realized that this was not going to happen, so he decided to visit the fox. The fox was very happy to see our Keloğlan and invited him to his nest. When our Keloğlan entered the fox’s nest, what did he see, weren’t the chickens stolen from the coops of the whole village in the fox’s nest? He saw but he ignored it…

The fox was up to something, as usual, but he didn’t take into account how quick Keloğlan’s mind worked. Keloğlan sat in the fox’s den for a while and asked for permission, but would the fox let him? His plan was to put him in a cage and eat him. Keloğlan first jumped up, took the torch hanging on the wall and shone it on his bald head, the fox’s eyes were dazzled by this, and Keloğlan walked away from there. The fox was unhappy that he had let him get away, while the bald boy was so happy that he laughed and ran away. Later on, the villagers gathered all the villagers whose chickens had been stolen and came, and the villagers were so angry that our fox left his house and ran away. No one ever saw him there again.

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