The Tale of Brothers Playing Hide and Seek

The Tale of Brothers Playing Hide and Seek

Once upon a time, in one of the sweetest towns in the country, there were two brothers named Işıl and Spark. One of these siblings was 3 years old and the other was 5 years old. These brothers, who loved to play together, always played in the garden of their huge house. The fathers of these brothers bought them a yellow chick costume and a white rabbit costume one day. They liked these costumes so much that they started to dress up and play together and it was evening. The family ate and slept.

Brilliant and bright, they sometimes play chase in the garden, sometimes draw pictures at home, and sometimes help their mother in the kitchen. One of these brothers’ favorite games was playing hide and seek. When they played hide and seek, they didn’t even realize when it was evening. While the two brothers were always playing, their mother would cook for them. After having dinner together, these brothers continued their games from where they left off and decided to play hide and seek again one day.

They started playing games all day. Talking brightly and brightly among themselves, they decided that the light should be a midwife and hide it in Pırıl. Then they started playing. The mothers of these two brothers, who continued to play for a few hours, prepared a meal and invited them to dinner. Their favorite food, meatballs, french fries and soup, was at the dinner, and its smell engulfed the whole house.

After they set the table, their mother invited them to have a sparkling and bright meal, but they only came to the dinner brightly. The light has not come out of its hiding place. Pırıl and his mother started looking for Işıl in the whole house. But they could never find the light. When the mother and daughter, who searched the house for a long time, could not find it bright, they began to be afraid. Not knowing what to do, Pırıl and his mother could do nothing but be sad.

After a while, Isil and her mother suddenly thought of looking at the garden. They went to the garden and looked and it was not in the thermal garden. They got really scared. Coming back to the house, they went to look at the top floor of their bright and sparkling huge house, and what do they see, a huge rabbit is running towards them. They didn’t know what to do with amazement. This rabbit that jumped on them all of a sudden started to laugh. Afterwards, they reacted with surprise by saying “aaa” and laughed because that bunny was bright.

His mother later said, “That’s right, why didn’t we think of looking at the bunny? Your father bought you this bunny yesterday. “They started laughing and laughing. They told about the shining situation, who hugged tightly to the light and who could not make sense of this joy of their mother. They all laughed and had fun together. Just then, their father came to the house and said what is going on here. They also told their father about the situation. Later, their father explained that they should be more careful while playing games and that they should not leave the house unannounced. If you had really left the house unannounced, you would be very curious about you and it would be hard to find. Then these two brothers said ok dad, we understood better. Isil and Pırıl hugged their fathers and mothers and kissed them, saying we promise not to leave the house without your knowledge.

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