The story of the Dead Sea and its neighbor Belce girl Beach

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The story of the Dead Sea and its neighbor Belce girl Beach

Belcekız Beach, located in Oludeniz, the popular resort of Fethiye, is known as the departure point of boat tours.

There are many restaurants lined up right in front of Belcekız Beach where you can do various water sports. Oludeniz and Belcekiz Beach are named after a legend.

In ancient times, people on boats and ships used to come to this area in boats to get drinking water.

According to legend, in ancient times, ships passing through Fethiye would anchor offshore and take a boat to the shore to get drinking water. One day, when the young and handsome son of an old captain went out to the bay to get water, he saw the beautiful Belcekız. As soon as he saw her, he was smitten. The girl’s heart was on fire. But the young man had to take the water and return. The ship sailed away. Belcekız always waited for the shore and her beloved after that date. And the boy waited for the ship to pass this bay again…

He would come to take on water every time he passed by. The young people, who had fallen in love with each other, longed for the bay and one day a storm broke out while the ship was passing through the bay. The young man told his father that there was a sheltered, pool-like bay here. But his father thought that his son risked breaking the ship to see his beloved. The fight grew with the waves, and just as the ship was about to hit the rocks, the father threw his son overboard with a stroke of the oar and went to the helm. Then he saw the darkness like a sheet. His son died right there on the rocks. Belcekız, who was waiting for her beloved on the rocks, also committed suicide by throwing herself off the rocks.

To this day, the place where the girl died is called Belcekız and the place where the boy died is called Ölüdeniz. The sea, whose color changes according to the progress of the day, is perhaps burning for a boy and a girl.

Ölüdeniz, like its name, is a calm lake. On the stormiest days, while the shores of Belceğiz struggle with the waves, only fluttering occurs in Ölüdeniz.

However, the seemingly stagnant Ölüdeniz renews itself almost every day for three invisible reasons. The first of these is that the intense spring water outflows in Ölüdeniz create a current from the inside to the open sea at the bottom. Secondly, due to the salt difference created by these spring waters, there is a continuous circulation in and out of the open sea. Thirdly, the sea rises and falls by half a meter on average every two to three days due to the tidal effect. This provides a large amount of sea water inflow and outflow.

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