The Mouse and the Elephant Tale

The Mouse and the Elephant Tale

An elephant was asleep in the forest, snoring loudly. The elephant’s stomach full of food was going up and down as it snored. Hearing the sound of the elephant’s snoring, the mouse came out of the nest and went to the direction of the sound, and the mouse liked the snoring belly of the elephant. He came out softly and sat on the elephant’s stomach, having fun as it swung from side to side like a swing. After a while the elephant woke up and was very angry when he saw the little mouse sitting on its stomach, shaking its stomach and knocking it to the ground;

— Stupid mouse, what arrogance! How dare you sit on my stomach? scolded the elephant.

The poor mouse was so frightened that he began to apologize.

– Please forgive me. I never had any bad intentions, I disturbed you. Such a mistake will never happen again. said the mouse.

The elephant took pity on the mouse and let it go. The mouse thanked the elephant as he left;


“I won’t forget this favor, let me know whenever you need me.” I am always ready to help you. said.

The elephant, after listening to the mouse, began to laugh out loud. The mouse quietly left.

A few days passed and a hunter came to the forest. As soon as the mouse saw it, it hid, immediately wanted to go and tell the elephant, but the elephant was not around. The next morning, the mouse awoke to a sound, similar to the sound of an elephant. After listening carefully a few times, he realized that it was the sound of an elephant, and he went to the place where the sound came from and saw the elephants struggling in a net that was too big for them to come out of. He immediately began to gnaw at the net with his teeth, and the elephant soon rescued his family from the hunter’s trap.

Elephants greeted the mouse with their trunk and thanked them. The elephant understood that the mouse he despised would achieve great things.

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