The Love of the Young Man from Erzurum!

The Love of the Young Man from Erzurum!

The Yellow Bride folk song originated in Erzurum, Northeast Anatolia…

In one of the ancient times, there was a blond-haired daughter of a Kipchak chief who lived on the banks of the Coruh river.

A young man from Erzurum falls in love with the Kipchak master’s daughter. Both the family of the young man from Erzurum and the Kipchak ruler oppose this love. They prevent them from meeting. The young man from Erzurum is determined to follow his love.

He writes a poem to the Kipchak girl he fell in love with, and then kidnaps her. The men of the Kipchak lord are after two young lovers who escaped. As a result of the chase, the young man from Erzurum is killed by the men of the brain. This love also takes its place among the sad and painful pages of history…

There are various rumors about the story of the Sarı Gelin folk song. There are versions that the girl is not Turkish but Georgian, Armenian ballad, or different versions. It is also told as a love story of Sananı, one of Sheikh Abdulkadir Geylani’s disciples. Many folk songs have more than one story. This does not mean that one story is true and the others are false. It indicates how rich that song is. Because similar pains and happiness in history have been the fate of different people at different times.

Who knows, maybe it was written only on a flower…

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