The Little Mermaid Reading Story

The Little Mermaid Reading Story

Once upon a time there was a king who had six beautiful daughters. But this king was not the king of men. His country was a land under the waves where the fish sparkled like precious stones.

The young princesses’ mothers had long since died and their grandmothers raised them. The most beautiful of them all was the youngest. Her hair fell in golden curls over her shoulders. The girls loved the tales their grandmother told them about the earth. In these stories there were strange people who walked on two things called legs. The little mermaid wanted to see them too. “You have to wait until you are fifteen,” said their grandmother. “Then you can go and see.”

When the eldest mermaid came of age, she went to the surface and told her siblings about the interesting things she had seen. Years passed and finally the day came when the little mermaid could go to the surface and into the human world. Now she could see the world she had always wondered about with her own eyes. As she was swimming towards the surface, the sun was setting. A ship was anchored nearby. When the little mermaid surfaced, she saw the handsome prince on deck.

Of course, the prince didn’t know that someone was watching him and that the princess couldn’t take her eyes off him. Suddenly it grew dark and the ship began to rock in a storm. Soon the sails were shredded, the mast was broken and the ship sank into the water. The little mermaid saw the prince struggling in the waters at the last moment and saved him. She embraced him, took him to the shore and left him on the beach. In the morning, the prince was still asleep and the mermaid was waiting for him by his bedside. Soon some girls came running. The prince opened his eyes and got up and walked away. The little mermaid was left alone with her sadness.

After that day, the little mermaid went to the surface many times, hoping to see the prince. She couldn’t take it anymore. She decided to go to the water witch for advice. When the witch saw her, she laughed:

“I know why you came, mermaid,” he said. “You want to turn into a human and go ashore. You think it will bring you closer to the prince. But do you know there is a price for that?”

“I didn’t know,” said the little mermaid,

but I’ll pay whatever it takes to be human.”

“I want your voice,” said the witch, “your beautiful singing voice. Give me your voice and I will turn you into a beautiful maiden with two legs. But remember, the prince must love you with all his heart and marry you. Otherwise you will turn into sea foam and disappear forever.”

“Quickly,” said the little mermaid. 

“I’ve already made up my mind.” So the water witch gave the little mermaid a magical medicine to drink. The moment the little mermaid stood in front of the prince, he took a liking to this girl who never spoke and decided that he could not live without her. The little mermaid loved the prince more and more, but he would not ask her to marry him. The prince’s parents pressured him to find a wife. The prince finally decided to meet the princess of a nearby country. He took the little mermaid with him. The poor girl was in a lot of pain. When the prince went to the neighboring country and met the princess, his mind was blown and he wanted to marry her right away. Their wedding was magnificent. There were flowers, silk and jewels everywhere. Everyone who came to see the happy couple was full of joy. Only the little mermaid was silent. Tears were silently rolling down her cheeks. That night the little mermaid stood on the deck looking out over the dark waters. At sunrise, she was going to become a sea foam and melt into those waters. Suddenly, the mermaid’s brothers came out from the bottom of the waters. Their hair was cut short.

We gave our hair to the water witch, and in return we got this knife. If you plunge this knife into the prince’s heart tonight, the spell will be broken.” The little mermaid took the knife, but she knew she could never harm the prince. When the sun rose, she threw herself into the sea crying. But she didn’t fall into the sea. She found herself flying through the air. Golden lights danced around her. “We are the daughters of the air,” they said. “Now you’ll be happy with us.” As the little mermaid rose up into the sky, she looked down at the prince’s ship and smiled.

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