The King and His Shoes

The King and His Shoes Tale

Once upon a time there was a king who ruled a rich country. One day he wanted to visit every corner of his country. He fell on the roads, went to every village, every town without saying mountain peak. When he returned to the palace, his feet were sore from crossing the cliffs. He was constantly complaining that the stones and boulders on the roads hurt his feet.

Therefore, the king ordered his men to have leather upholstered on all roads in his country. When all the roads in his country were covered with leather, the king would be able to walk around with ease. However, it was very difficult to cover all the roads with leather, it required a lot of cowhide. A lot of money would be spent just so that the king could walk more comfortably.

The Queen made a suggestion to this situation. to the King; “Why would you spend so much money on this job? You can solve this problem by simply cutting a piece of leather and covering your own feet instead of covering all the roads with leather.” said. The Queen’s proposal pleased the King. He gave the Queen’s right and made a leather shoe for himself and continued to travel every inch of his country.

Advice: We cannot change the world, but we can change ourselves.

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