there was a man. This man was so cowardly that his wife used to take him even on the footpath. One day in the evening this man got stuck again and begged and pleaded with his wife and she had had enough. Finally she took him to the footpath and locked him inside, locked the door and left, leaving him on the footpath. When the man realized that his begging was useless, he managed to get out through a window there. But he couldn’t go home, so he went somewhere else. He traveled far and wide, up and down, six months and a fall, and finally arrived at a big palace. He opened the palace door and went inside. What did he see? A big room, forty cauldrons boiling in the center and forty giants chatting around. The giants were astonished to see him coming and the biggest of the giants said, “Everyone runs away when they see our tracks and dust. How could you enter our house without fear? And the man said: “Oh my children, I have been looking for you for years and finally, thank God, I found you, because I am your grandfather, don’t look at me, I am old now.” He passed by and sat in the head corner. The giants also believed and welcomed their grandfather. The man stayed settled there. One day when he went to bed, the giants gathered and said, “Our grandfather will not go anymore, let’s go at midnight and kill him with our axes. Our grandfather heard this and, unbeknownst to them, he put a big log in his bed, put his headdress on the log and hid himself in his bedroll. It was midnight, the giants came, they started hitting the log in the dark, thinking that they were hitting their grandfather, and when they got tired, they retreated to their room thinking that he was dead. When they left, the man immediately went out of his place, gathered all the ashtrays and ashtrays and threw them outside, then came back and went to bed. In the morning he got up as usual and said, “The fleas have kept me awake tonight. When the giants heard his words and saw that he was not dead, they became terribly afraid. One day when he went to bed again, the giants gathered together. “Let’s organize a race tomorrow, let it be a walking race, whoever raises the most dust while walking, we will give him a sack of gold. If our grandfather does not win, let him go away.” He heard this and filled his own boots with dust without them seeing. The next day, the eldest of the giants told their grandfather that there would be a race and the race started. The giants were walking fast and kicking up dust, but their grandfather was kicking up more dust than them because he had filled his boots with dust. So he said, “My sons, you see, I am old, but I am stronger than you. And he won the race. The giants said: Grandfather, you have won the race, let us give you a sack of gold and you go away from here. He said, “No, my children, I found you hard, I will never leave you again.

The giants thought of a way to get rid of their grandfather. And this was this: They were going to have another race the next day, and whoever could squeeze the stone into flour would be given a sack of gold. Their grandfather overheard them talking about this and secretly found a cheese from the kitchen and hid it in his pocket. The next day they told him about the race and the race started. Their grandfather found two flat stones and put the cheese between them without anyone seeing and said, “Look, my children, I can not only grind the stone into flour, I can even extract the water from the stone. Of course, he won this race. The giants said to him, “Let’s give you your gold from last time and your gold from this time. You will have two sacks of gold, and we will carry you and your gold all the way home on our branches. He was a little excited, but then he agreed. The giants took him home with his gold on their branches. They put it in front of his door and returned. The man knocked on the door of his house and said to his wife, “I am home. His wife said, “Show me your handkerchief so I know it’s my husband.” He showed it to her, she realized he was coming and let him in, the man brought the gold inside and said to his wife, “If you hadn’t locked me in the footpath, we wouldn’t have found these.” He told her what had happened, they ate and drank together and their happiness continued.

Compiled by Salim DALKIRAN

Türk Folklor Araştırmaları Dergisi, 1960, sayı: 130


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