The Cookie Thief Story

The Cookie Thief Story

Dear children, I hope you read carefully the story of the cookie thief and learn from it. Happy reading. One day, one night, one woman was waiting for her plane to take off at the airport. He still had some time before his plane took off. She bought a book and a pack of cookies from the airport shop and found a place to sit. She started to read the book in her hand, after reading it for a while, she realized that the man sitting next to her took a cookie from the cookie package that stood between them, as boldly as she could; no matter how much he ignores it. While she was reading her book and eating her cookies, she kept her eyes on the clock. While the cookie thief consumed the cookies slowly, the woman’s ear was on the clock ticking; but the ticks still didn’t stop her from getting angry. She thought to herself; If I wasn’t a nice person, I would have blacked out that man’s eye! Each time she reached for the cookie, the man held out his hand. Finally, when there’s only one cookie left in the package, let’s see what she’ll do now. he said to himself.

With a nervous smile on his face, the man reached for the last cookie and cut it in half. The woman snatched the cookie from the man’s hand and said, “My God, what a daring and rude man; and not even a thank you! he thought. He couldn’t remember being this angry in his life. When it was announced that the plane was going to take off, he took a deep breath and relaxed. He packed his things and walked to the exit door. He didn’t even look back at the cookie thief. He boarded the plane and sat in his comfortable seat. Then she reached into her bag to get her book.

Suddenly his eyes widened in surprise. There was a pack of cookies in front of his eyes! He groaned in despair;

If these are my cookies; the others were his and he shared every single cookie with me! He realized with sadness that it was too late to apologize. He was the cookie thief who was rude and audacious.

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