The best Turkish horror movies

The best Turkish horror movies

Here is the list of the most popular Turkish horror movies

The Three Letter People: The Curse

IMDb 6,7

Melek, Burcu, Eda and Ayla, 4 young girls who were friends from high school, continue their friendship even after years together. While their lives are going well, everything suddenly turns upside down when Havel enters their lives. Havel is a shaman woman. The girls’ lives become unbearable and difficult, and they get into trouble with a curse from an unknown person. The Three Strangers, a movie that will not only make you tense and tense, but you will not blink your eyes out of fear: Beddua movie was released in 2018. It ranks 10th among the best domestic horror movies selected by Onedio readers.

Raid: Nightmare

IMDb 5,8

Released in 2016, the movie tells the story of five policemen who go to the Ottoman police station one night on a call. The movie was directed by Can Evrenol and stars Görkem Kasal, Ergun Kuyucu and Muharrem Bayrak.

Siccin 5

IMDb 5,6

Living with his family, 12-year-old Hale has never known only his father. After a terrible nightmare, Hale’s life changes and she sees her father calling her to an old house. That house is the house of Hale’s grandfather. A ritual had taken place in this house long ago. Both Hale’s change and what happens to the family, whose lives are never the same after the ritual, are frightening. The sequel, directed by Alper Mestçi, was released in 2018.

Helak: Lost Village

IMDb 4,4

Özkan is involved in a crime and has to flee with his family. Paranormal events in the village they escape from start to affect the family. As they try to escape, the family is drawn deeper and deeper into the horror, which also affects the audience. Directed by Özgü Bakar, the movie was shot in Aksaray, Nevşehir and around Salt Lake.

Siccin 2

IMDb 6,4

Released in 2015 and a sequel, Siccin 2 is about a happily married couple who lose their happiness when they lose their child after an accident. Hicran’s psychology deteriorates after these strange events. Hicran, who learns that she has been bewitched over time, looks for ways to get rid of this spell. Alper Mestçi directed the movie where you will feel the horror theme to the end with the events, shots and music.

Karadedeler Incident

IMDb 3,4

In 1989, interesting events in a village are reported in the newspapers. A journalist goes to the village to investigate these events. Unable to capture much during his stay in the village, the journalist leaves his camera with a child in the village. The events that follow are not normal at all. The journalist is taken into custody by the gendarmes. The movie was directed by Erkan Bağbakan, who doubled the realism with amateur camera shooting.

Siccin 3: Criminal Love

IMDb 6,5

Released in 2016, the movie is about Orhan and Sedat, two childhood friends. Over time, Orhan falls in love with Sedat’s sister Kader and they marry Kade and join their ways. After a while, Sedat’s car accident causes all three of their lives to change. Due to the deterioration between Sedat and Orhan, Orhan, who is afraid of losing Kader, will do terrible things. Alper Mestçi is in the director’s chair and Büşra Apaydın, Adnan Koç and Cem Uslu are in the lead roles.


IMDb 6,1

Nurcan and Suat, who are in love with each other, are plagued by trouble when their happiness is overshadowed. There is something that does not give the couple peace of mind and most of all their love. Directed by Alper Mestçi and released in 2007, the movie stars Burak Özçivit and Türkü Turan.

Dabbe: Genie Struck

IMDb 6,7

In the movie released in 2013, Kübra, who is attacked by jinns at the henna night, goes through difficult times. These situations, which they are used to where they live, do not surprise the people. Ebru, a psychiatrist, is an old friend of Kübra. She will continue her treatment with both a psychiatrist and an exorcist. While these events are taking place, things that disturb everyone in the village begin to emerge. Directed by Hasan Karacadağ, the movie was voted the second best local horror movie by Onedio readers.

Dabbe: A Genie Incident

IMDb 5,8

Ceyda’s husband Sinan and their daughter Burcu, who live in Ankara, are haunted by something. A camera recording will be kept in the house for the genie that constantly disturbs the family. Those who think they have lost their sanity will learn the truth thanks to this recording. Directed by Hasan Karacadağ, the movie was released in 2012. Onedio readers voted it the best local horror movie.

Semum movie 2008

IMBDb 8.2

27-year-old Canan Karaca and her husband Volkan Karaca move into a big house they just bought. Everything is going very well, but one day, for some unknown reason, strange things start happening to Canan. Canan slowly begins to transform into another being, a creature that begins to dominate her. Why has SEMUM chosen Canan as its target and what will it do to her? How can the gates of hell open for an ordinary person? SEMUM will convey an unprecedented form of horror with an amazing visual experience. WHAT IS SEMUM? According to Islamic belief, human beings were created from dry clay and before the creation of mankind, there were a number of creatures living on earth. These creatures were created from the smokeless flame of a hot fire and then combined with a terrible poison and became SEMUM. After humans came to earth, some SEMUMs, especially the devil, became jealous of humans and started to do all kinds of evil to them. In short, the SEMUM is a very dangerous creature that gets into all the pores of humans and poisons them. The poisonous SEMUMs, which can attack anyone at any time, move very fast, never return in some cases, and make the people they enter live a hellish life.

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