Tailor and Old Man

Tailor and Old Man

Young man was a good tailor. He owned a sewing machine and a small shop. He worked hard until the morning, but he made little money. While closing the shop on a very cold winter night, he left the electric stove on and the fire was his disaster. He no longer has a job or money.

He searched for a job for days but could not find it… He carried loads, worked as a dishwasher, and still could not earn enough to pay the rent of his house. Finally, when the patience of the host wore off, he found himself on the street with his belongings that fit in a small suitcase…

Even though the season is winter and the weather is frosty, the young man had nowhere else to go but the park around the corner. One morning, he will look for a job and find no cure in his legs. Sitting on the bench, exhausted from hunger and cold, a huge car pulled up to the pavement. The old man, who pushed the driver to the side in anger, who was trying to open the back door, said, “Leave me alone, maybe I will get angry if I wander in the park”.

The old man, obviously a wealthy businessman, took a few steps and saw the trembling tailor on the bench. The tailor was looking carefully at the man’s coat. The old man, who was suddenly angry, said, “Who knows how cold the poor man is, how can I help him?” he began to think.

However, it was not the warmth of the coat that the tailor dreamed of. He thought that this coat, which was made of a very thick and high quality fabric, did not suit its owner at all and was not sewn properly for his body. The old businessman approached the tailor and said, “What is it boy, you are frozen in the park in this frosty weather. If you want, I can give you my coat.” He said, “No, thank you. I just thought this coat wasn’t for you. The fabric is too thick and makes you look fatter than you are,” replied the tailor.

The old man was quite surprised when he got this answer. Because even though he paid all the money for the coat he was wearing, he couldn’t make it fit him.

“How can you pay attention to something like that when you’re shivering with the cold?” The old man asked, “I am a tailor”, and when he got the answer, “Come with me, you will tell your life story on the road”, he put our tailor in the car.

This encounter was the turning point in the tailor’s life. The benevolent old man, very upset that such a talented person was left unemployed and homeless, gave the tailor enough money to open a shop. In return, all she wanted was for this young man to sew his own clothes. The tailor started working like crazy with the excitement of starting a new job as well as his own business. In the meantime, the old businessman did not spare his support, he introduced him to rich people from his environment and made him receive new orders. The small shop first turned into a huge fashion house, and then it started to produce for many famous brands. The tailor is now known as a “famous businessman”.

One day the old man went to visit her. The tailor was going abroad to make a big business connection and there was little time for him to catch the plane. After chatting for a while, the old man suddenly fell ill and was having a heart attack. He immediately called an ambulance. Our new businessman didn’t want to miss the big deal, but he wasn’t willing to let go of his benefactor, the old man. He immediately canceled his trip. He sat in the ambulance with the old man and waited for days at the hospital. He opened his eyes after a long time. He survived the danger of life, and his wife, son and tailor were waiting for him. When their eyes met, the Old Man smiled. He said, “The tailor knows how to make not only clothes, but also hearts.”

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