Tahir and Zuhre Story Turkish Tales

Tahir and Zuhre Story Turkish Tales

Once upon a time there lived a rich and well-known sultan. The sultan had soldiers, wealth, property, in short, everything. But the sultan had a very big problem. The childless sultan had no doctor left. Unable to find a cure for his problem, the sultan gave himself to entertainment. He built a garden and spent most of his time here.

One day, the sultan took his vizier with him and went for a walk in the bazaar. The sultan, who met a beggar in the bazaar, could not remain indifferent to the beggar’s prayer. The beggar was saying, “Whoever gives me gold, may Allah keep his heart alive.” The sultan gave money to the beggar and went back to his garden. Sitting and resting under a tree in the garden, the sultan sees an old sage not far away.

The wise person said that he had skills. Hearing this, the sultan goes to the sage with his vizier. He asks the sage to know what is in their hearts. The sage knows that both the sultan and the vizier want a son. Hearing this, the sultan asks the sage for help.

The sage takes out an apple from his pocket. He cuts this apple in two. He hands one part to the sultan and one part to the vizier. If they eat these apples, they will both have children. The sage tells the sultan that he will have a daughter and the vizier that he will have a son. Then he told them not to separate the children and to marry them when they grow up. The sultan and the vizier are very happy about this. They eat the apple and nine months later, as the wise man said, the sultan has a daughter and the vizier has a son. The sultan named his daughter Zühre and the vizier named his son Tahir.

Tahir and Zuhra grow up together. They take lessons from the best teachers. They are both very intelligent and learn everything they are taught immediately. When she was only ten years old, Zuhra fell in love with Tahir. Zuhra kisses Tahir while he is asleep. Tahir wakes up and is very angry. Thinking that they are brothers, Tahir reacts, but the next day he is kissed again by Zühre while he sleeps.

Tahir gets very angry and beats Zuhra this time. Zuhra is very upset and asks Allah to give half of her love to Tahir. Zuhra’s prayer is answered and Tahir falls in love with Zuhra. This time Zuhra starts to play coy. But Tahir and Zühre, realizing that even though they grew up like brothers, they are not brothers, become more and more attached to each other. They express their love by singing folk songs to each other. An Arab slave sees them and informs the sultan’s wife.

The sultan says that his daughter should marry Tahir, but his wife wants Zuhre to marry the son of a sultan. The sultan wants to see Tahir and Zuhra’s love with his own eyes to make sure and then decide. Meanwhile, Tahir dreams that he is attacked by two black dogs. Tahir cannot make sense of his dream. Meanwhile, the sultan’s wife is plotting evil plans.

The woman who asks a magician to perform magic for her husband makes the sultan dislike Tahir. The sultan, who no longer wants to see Tahir, expels him from the palace. Tahir burns with Zuhra’s love. He comes to the mansion where Zuhra lives and expresses his feelings with reproachful folk songs. Zuhra learns what is happening from her nanny and explains to Tahir that magic has been done. The Arab slave sees all this again and informs the sultan. This time the Sultan has Tahir thrown into a dungeon in Mardin.

Tahir stays in Mardin for seven years. One day Tahir prays to Allah to be released from the dungeon and his prayer is answered. The door of the dungeon opens and Hızır arrives on his black horse. He takes Tahir and leaves him in front of Zühre’s mansion. Zühre and Tahir used to meet secretly at night and spend time together and have a lot of fun. One day Tahir dreams of black dogs. While they were meeting with Zuhra, the Arab slave saw what happened and informed the sultan. This time the sultan put Tahir in an open chest and let him fall into the water of Shat.

There is a palace by the Shat water where the sultan of the Lake lives. Zuhra also knows this. She writes a letter to the daughter of the sultan of the lake. The sultan of the lake has three daughters and they love Tahir. They find Tahir and save him. Seeing the girls fighting for him, Tahir immediately flees from there. Tahir arrives at a fountain where he prays and falls asleep.

Waking up to the sound of a horse, Tahir sees a sage next to him. The sage takes him on his horse and tells him to close his eyes. After riding for a while, he tells Tahir to open his eyes and drops him off in front of Zühre’s pavilion. Hearing the sounds of drums and zurna, Tahir finds Zühre’s nanny and learns from her that Zühre’s wedding is taking place. Tahir arrives at the wedding dressed in women’s clothes, finds Zühre and they decide to elope on their way to the hammam.

The Arab slave again notices Tahir and informs the sultan. The sultan has Tahir arrested and announces that he will pardon him if he sings three houses of folk songs in the assembly without mentioning his daughter. Tahir sings two houses of folk songs, but in the third he sees Zuhra entering and uses her name.

The Sultan gives orders to have Tahir beheaded. Before Tahir is beheaded, he wants to pray and prays to Allah to take his soul. Tahir’s prayer is answered and he dies on the spot. Hearing that Tahir is dead, Zühre loses her mind. The palace physicians cannot find a cure for Zuhre.

Finally they want to feed Tahir’s flesh, but Zühre finds out and is very angry. Zuhra goes to Tahir’s grave and prays to Allah to take his soul and he dies. Seeing Zuhra dead in the grave, the Arab slave kills himself with a dagger out of love for her. The Sultan, who did not give his daughter to Tahir, regrets it, but it is too late.

When I translate stories like this, I always go into an emotional regime when I read them.

No power in the world is equal to the power of true love and love.

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