Smart Shepherd

Smart Shepherd Tale

Once upon a time. In ancient times, there lived a ruler named Şahmerdan. One day, the ruler gathered all the people and gave them the following duty:

-Find the answer to the following questions as soon as possible: How many days is the distance between east and west? What is God doing right now? If you can’t find the answer to these two questions in three days, I’ll shoot you all!

The ruler’s decree must be obeyed, otherwise there will be death in the end. The people thought for three days and moved; but he could not find the answer to the questions. After the three days were over, the executioners gathered the people in the interrogation area. However, no one knew the answer to the king’s questions. A shepherd herding sheep at the foot of the lofty mountain saw the plight of the people. He asked a passing horseman what was going on. The traveler said:

– The ruler asked his people, ‘How many days is it between the east and the west? “What is God doing right now?” He asked two questions. He gave three days to find the answers to the questions. The appointed time is over today. However, no one has yet been able to find answers to the questions. The reason why the people are so tired, exhausted and sad is the fear of death. After the shepherd learned of this sad situation, he got on his horse and came to the interrogation area where the people were gathered. After all the people had gathered, the ruler sat on his throne:

– Whoever finds the answer to my questions should come and answer me. he commanded. The heads of those gathered in the square were bent forward, and they were frightened by fear. While everyone was thinking, ‘Our end has come’, a young man in a white robe and a shabby hood on his head came to the fore:

He came to the presence of the ruler, saying, “Khan, I found the answer to your questions.” The people who saw this situation were almost frozen with amazement. “You do know that if you don’t answer the questions correctly, I’ll get your head, right?” ‘ asked the monarch sternly. – I know, my sultan… – If so, tell me: How many days is it between east and west? – It’s only a day’s journey, my lord. – How do you know that it is? – If there was a two-day road between east and west, the sun would be half way. But it is not so; The sun rises in the east in the morning and sets in the west in the evening. So this distance is only one day’s journey… After that, the ruler; -What is God doing right now? He went on to his second question. This time the shepherd replied:

– My Khan, come down from the throne and give me your place. I’d like to answer in your place. The ruler accepted the shepherd’s request; got up and went downstairs. The young man stood on the throne and said so that the people could hear:

– Allah Almighty now appoints the shepherd to be the ruler and the ruler to be the shepherd. The ruler also accepted this answer of the young man. “There is no pressure on those who are quick-witted like this,” he said, and dispersed the people gathered in the square.

After that day, the people started to show great respect to the shepherd. Someone who has a problem asked him for advice.

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