Silver Eyed Giant

Silver Eyed Giant

Once upon a time. While the camels were harbingers, the fleas were Berbers, and I was rocking my mother’s cradle, a Silver-Eyed giant lived in the vast Kaf Mountain.

The Silver Eyed Giant was not treacherous and ruthless like the other giants. On the contrary, he had a heart of gold. He thinks good of everyone, he comes to the aid of everyone.

The Yellow Giant, the ruler of the country, was one of the oppressors. He punished even the smallest crimes with death, and gave orders to the executioners. Favorite words: “Kill it! Sure!..” words like.

Nazlı Çiçek, the only sister of the Silver Eyed Giant, was also working as a maid in the palace of the ruler Yellow Giant. The Silver-Eyed Giant fears that disaster will befall his brother. “What will I do if something happens to him?” she was thinking.

One day, what he was afraid of happened to him. While her sister Nazlı Çiçek was bringing food to the monarch, her foot tripped over the threshold and fell. Plates, glasses, dishes are scattered about. The Yellow Giant glaring at the shriveled maid with hatred: – Take away this clumsy. Throw it off a roof! he growled.

The Silver Eyed Giant was also there. He is so upset, so upset that don’t ask.

The executioners came running. They grabbed Nazlı Çiçek by her henna hair and dragged her away. Tears welled up in the Silver Eyed Giant’s eyes. He went out without telling anyone. Trained for executioners. He knelt before them and begged:

“Please release my brother. My mother cannot bear his absence. I don’t have any other siblings…” she cried.

The hearts of the executioners, as hard as stone, have never softened. We cannot disobey the ruler’s order! saying they answered.

The Silver-Eyed Giant immediately went down to the bottom of the roof where they were going to throw his brother and waited. The executioners pushed his brother and threw him down.

The Silver Eyed Giant opened his huge arms to save his brother who had fallen like a ball. The girl fell into his lap at full speed. They rolled to the ground. The Silver Eyed Giant is at the bottom.

Nazlı Çiçek got up after a while. But the Silver Eyed Giant still lay very tall. His silver eyes were half-open. He had a happy look on his face. When Nazli Çiçek realizes that he is dead:

He sacrificed himself for me. No one as kind and self-sacrificing as him will ever come to Mount Kaf again… she cried and cried…

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