Selcuk Bayraktar There is demand for Kızılelma from much larger countries

Selcuk Bayraktar There is demand for Kızılelma from much larger countries

Selçuk bayraktar

SAHA EXPO Defence, Aerospace and Space Industry Exhibition, which kicked off on October 25 at the Istanbul Expo Center, continued to host visitors until its fourth day.

Baykar Technology Leader Selçuk Bayraktar visited SAHA EXPO on its last day.

Bayraktar said during his visit that SAHA EXPO has reached a very large international dimension, and that nearly 1000 companies from Turkey and abroad have participated in the event.

“Defense ministers of 11 countries visited the fair”

Stating that there was high-level participation from countries, Bayraktar said, “The defense ministers of 11 countries visited the exhibition. 57 countries participated here. Thanks to the transformation in the defence industry in the last 20 years, our country has made a name for itself in the world with its works and institutions.”

“The export target for 2022 is to exceed 1 billion dollars”

Stating that there was an intense public interest in SAHA EXPO on the last day of the exhibition open to the public, Bayraktar said

“The defense industry is the most important locomotive in our country’s journey towards full independence, especially in high technology. This has been the case all over the world. All of the great technologies that have entered our lives started from the defense industry and then became much bigger with its spread to the civilian field. Hopefully, our country will show this success in all other civilian fields as well. This is our entire goal and aim.

If you look at the last 20 years, nearly 75 percent of the resources we have obtained as Baykar so far have come from foreign exports. Only around 25 percent of it consists of domestic resources. We make all of our new platforms with our own resources. We spend the revenues we generate on this high technology. Last year, Baykar was the export champion in the field of aviation. This year, about 98 percent comes from overseas exports, and the export target for 2022 is to exceed 1 billion dollars.”

“The international popularity of SAHA EXPO is a source of pride for our country”


Emphasizing that they use the resources they obtain to develop new platforms and new technologies in Turkey’s quest to become fully independent and prosperous, Bayraktar continued his words as follows:

“Our latest goal, which has been our goal for nearly 20 years, will be our country’s first unmanned combat aircraft. We are preparing Kızılelma, which will be the first unmanned combat aircraft of our country, containing the future of all combat aviation, for its first flight. It is counting the days for its first flight. With its first flight, we will have taken the first step into this world. After that, it will be the beginning of a whole future and the beginning of our country’s journey to become one of the countries that bring innovation to this field in the world, rather than being a follower.

The whole world has come to accept that we are the best in our class in unmanned aerial vehicles. At SAHA EXPO, we will move step by step towards this goal with our close stakeholders, including all other institutions of the defence industry. BAYKAR has signed agreements within the scope of strategic cooperation.

The international popularity of SAHA EXPO is a source of pride for our country. Considering the crises the world is going through, the fact that our country has gained such importance both geopolitically and strategically makes us proud as a member of our nation. I hope that our young initiatives, technology companies and institutions will achieve much greater success not only in the defense industry but also in all other civilian fields.”

“We are engaged in Bayraktar TB3 and Bayraktar Kizilelma development activities”


Baykar Technology Leader Bayraktar stated that what they are trying to do within the scope of the National Technology Move is to create a social bottom wave, and said, “Of course, the defense industry is a very important part of this. When the depth in the defense industry spreads to other civilian areas, it will be an important force multiplier in that depth.”

Stating that there is an intense demand for Bayraktar TB2 and that export contracts have been signed with 24 countries so far, Bayraktar used the following expressions:

“Regarding AKINCI, contracts have been signed with 5 countries so far, but AKINCI is still new. It took 2021 for it to be ready for duty. There was demand for AKINCI even during the development phase. The Red Kizilelma has never flown yet, and there is demand for it from much larger countries. We are advancing the program completely independently with our own resources. Our work on Kızılelma continues.

Bayraktar TB2 has realized a paradigm transformation in combat. We are currently engaged in the development of Bayraktar TB3 and Bayraktar Kızılelma. If they succeed in taking part in the battlefield one day, they will revolutionize the history of warfare. Let us already make a note of this in history.

We can easily say that Turkey has left its mark on the world, especially in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, which are the future of aviation. When you look at this race in terms of technology development, we have managed to be among the top three countries in the world. If we evaluate the Turkish Armed Forces, as an expert in this field, we can easily say that the Turkish Armed Forces are number one in the world in terms of using this technology.

This is a race, and we can only maintain our leadership in this race if we constantly innovate and work hard. Our defence industry needs to maintain the same dynamism and continue to move forward within the scope of this nationalization vision without any obstacles.”

“We have prepared them for duty in the best way possible”

Regarding the delivery of Bayraktar TB2 to Poland, Bayraktar stated that the first system was delivered to Poland today and said, “There is a great excitement there as well. The Polish Defense Minister announced on social media, ‘We are waiting for our Bayraktars’. We have prepared them for duty in the best way possible, and the delivery took place today.”

After his statement, Selçuk Bayraktar visited the stands at SAHA EXPO and took a souvenir photo with the visitors.

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