Pastry Sushi Tale

Pastry Sushi Tale

Once upon a time. In the rainbow forest, there was a talented, lovely, smiling and helpful Mrs. Sushi. She was very loved by her friends. Sushi had a very cute and clean house that looked like an orange carrot. Sushi loved to bake cakes.

Sometimes he would make it and share it with his friends, sometimes he would make it and sell it in the market in the town. Sushi had the best cookies. She would also give cookies to the smart kids who didn’t have money.

But something has gone wrong lately. When she made her sushi cookies and went inside to rest, she was running low on cookies. Sushi didn’t like this. He decided to teach the thief a lesson. And he began to prepare.

He started to make the most beautiful and the most spectacular cake he had ever made. And he put a huge colorful candle on the top of the cake. The whole mystery of the cake was in this candle.

After he finished the sushi cake, he decorated the basket on the way out and made it stand out. He started walking on the forest road with the basket. And he said to himself, “After all, the thief will see this basket and my big plan will be a big lesson for him.”

The thieving fox was chasing Mrs. Sushi and the smell of the cake was going to her brain. His stomach growled proudly with hunger. And he slyly approached Mrs. Sushi.

Stealing is bad. We shouldn’t take anyone’s belongings without permission. There is absolutely no excuse for it and for every evil there is a punishment.

The thieving fox started looking for a suitable time. Mrs. Sushi noticed the fox but ignored it. As soon as the fox caught the basket, it ran away into the forest with the basket.

Mrs. Sushi;

“When you see what happened to you, you will understand what stealing means,” he said.

Thinking himself cunning, the thieving fox sat under a tree and started to open the basket. And he saw the flamboyant candle and put it on the cake. And the sushi lady was secretly watching him.

The fox, who lit the candle with great pleasure, found himself above the trees with a “boooom” sound and his face and eyes were filled with cake icing around his mouth.

Ms. Sushi came out of hiding and laughed. “Oh well! You hungry-eyed fox. It’s bad to covet someone else’s property, and even worse to steal it. No crime goes unpunished. Do you understand your punishment?”

The fox was very ashamed and regretted what he had done. He apologized to the sushi lady.

“I will never do anything like this again, please forgive me.” Mrs. Sushi realized that the fox had learned a lesson and forgave him. She even made sure to give the fox a cookie on the way to town.”

Brother Fox, if you had asked me when you felt like it, I would have given it to you, believe me. If there is something you want, you can either buy it or if you don’t have money, you should ask for it.”

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