Panic attack treatment

Panic attack treatment

Panic attack treatment

A panic attack is an anxiety attack that manifests itself suddenly in individuals, does not depend on any situation, and shows a number of physical reactions….

Panic Attack; It is defined as a major anxiety attack that manifests itself suddenly, does not depend on a certain situation, and can manifest itself with a number of physical reactions.

Defining it as fear can lead us to some thought errors. Therefore, it is important to use the word anxiety when describing a panic attack. To elaborate on this explanation, we first need to define the difference between anxiety and fear.

Frank H. Burnham defined fear as follows; Fear is a disturbing and negative feeling triggered by a perception of threat in the face of uncertainty. Fear is a vital mechanism that arises as a stimulus response to a perceived threat and is a seemingly universal emotion. Everyone is subject to a variety of fears, consciously or unconsciously. Faced with danger, a person becomes afraid and, as a result of this fear, creates a reaction to escape. Fear should be distinguished from anxiety when it occurs without any emotional state or immediate external threat.

During a panic attack, there may be no immediate situation or external threat. This creates an intense uneasiness in the person and spreads like a vine to other areas of his/her life. After a while, this anxiety can affect the person’s entire life. He/she starts to avoid getting on airplanes, using the subway, going upstairs, walking among people, etc. and then starts to avoid environments. People who experience panic attacks experience such intense and stressful situations that after a while they may not even want to go out to avoid this stress.

What are the Symptoms of Panic Attacks?

Trembling, Sweating, Abdominal Pain, Chest Pain or Tightness, Feeling of Choking or Not Breathing, Nausea, Dizziness, Unsteadiness, Fear of Going Crazy or Fear of Death, accompanied by Loss of Control…

EMDR and Panic Attack Therapy

EMDR Theraphy

EMDR Therapy is an effective and fast therapy technique used extensively in anxiety disorders. EMDR Therapy aims to treat panic attacks and anxiety disorders by reducing the traumatic events that the person has experienced in the past and the negative thoughts that the person has received with the effect of these events.

The main goal of EMDR Therapy is to reveal the person’s negative thoughts about himself/herself. This negative thought can be two basic negative thoughts such as “I am not safe or I am worthless” or it can be a completely different thought.

Negative thoughts are fed by traumatic events in the past and everything that happens afterwards can be explained by these negative thoughts. Therefore, regardless of the event/situation/object that causes anxiety, the person may react in an intense and stressful way. Therefore, the event/situation/object is unimportant.

EMDR works with these traumatic moments and aims to eliminate the negative thoughts/thoughts created by those moments. For this, it desensitizes the traumatic moments. Afterwards, the reduced negative thinking causes the person to control the level of anxiety and heal.

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