Omer folk song story turkey urfa

Omer folk song story turkey urfa

Omer… Urfa’s valiant young blood, intrepid Omer… He is different, his creation is different… It is as if Allah gave the best and the best of everything to Omar. Ömer gets on a horse, the sky and the ground groan at full gallop as he runs. horse ridden the land finds yield, it finds flowers. No one can challenge Ömer in riding. Dust it’ll go up in smoke, in two moves. Brave Omar.

Omer’s sword is hardly sheathed. Where there is a coward, wherever there is a traitor, his sword is sheathed He slips away and comes to Ömer’s place. Fearless Omer. Who claims to be the bravest he is braver. Not every mother has a child in Urfa, just like her. The stories of his mother and son have been circulating for years.

A wedding association cannot be established without Ömer. Everyone waits for Ömeri in urfa, and when Ömer arrives, drummers begin to beat their drums. Everyone starts to play, guns explode in the air with his arrival. Young girls sing to him at every step of the way.

Ömer’s head baglama is famous. He ties the threaded pooch. on the edge of your muzzle tassels fall on Ömer’s face with all the colors of nature. It’s like a barren The most beautiful flowers have been planted in the gardens. rare in the world beauty is Omer. When you see him, a butterfly falls on his wing and a cracked pomegranate falls from the branch… Omer, with a beautiful face and a beautiful heart. His heart is like rivers. every spring It feeds on the mountains. Omer is in the hearts of all young girls. They want to die in your way, life for they want to give. For Omar, dying once is not enough and they only have one life. They’re just ashamed of being… His song is beautiful, his voice is beautiful, Ömer. Ömer is so beautiful with his heart, his courage, his nobility in halay and his tassel on his head. that influenced society, folk songs have been written for the sake of it, a legend in Urfa. has been. It is a beautiful thing that has not been forgotten for years, that is still not enough to be said in languages. It is a folk song Omer.

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Omer ballad;

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