Lion Ox and Jackal

Lion, Ox and Jackal

Once upon a time. Once upon a time, in a country far, far away, there lived an old man. This old man had three extremely prodigal sons. These sons used to squander their father’s property and spend it irresponsibly. Their father, who was very upset by the situation of their son, took their son against him one day to put an end to this situation. First he scolded them nicely and then gave advice. He gave an effective speech about the importance of working, halal income, and striving for the sustenance of his family.

This time, the children heeded their father’s advice, took lessons and took steps to tidy up their lives. The biggest of them set out for the Meyyun region. On the way, while trying to pass his car pulled by two oxen, Şetrebe and Bendebe, through a muddy place, Şetrebe, one of the oxen, got stuck in the mud. No matter how hard they tried, they could not save the ox from the mud. Thereupon, they left Setrebe with a man and continued on their way, thinking that maybe when the mud dries up, they will be saved and will catch up with us. After a while, because he was afraid of the dangers that would come, the man left the ox and caught the caravan, saying that the ox had died and lied. Ştrebe, who somehow escaped from the swamp, came to a wet, green area while wandering around. There he fed, grazed for days and regained his former strength. When his strength was restored, he began to bellow sharply. Turns out there was a lion living in that area. This lion was the king of that forest, and all the animals in that area were under his command.

Hearing the bellow of the ox, the lion’s heart jumped with fear. Because this lion, which is a ready-to-eat and never hunts, has never seen an ox in its life, nor has it heard its voice. Aslan was afraid of Shetrebe. Among the animals under the command of this lion, there were two jackals named Kelile and Dimne, who were brothers to each other. One of these jackals, Dimne, told his brother Kelile that he wanted to introduce himself to the king. When Kelile asked why he wanted this, Dimna replied:

– “Our king is a fast eater, he does not do any work. Not as smart as you might think! If I can introduce myself to him and make him like my smart ideas, I can deceive him because he is weak, maybe I can be his close friend and raise my rank in his presence.” said.

Kelile warned her brother and gave him advice. He said that he should not have delusions for nothing, that the lion would not be successful when there were many minions around, and that even if he introduced himself to the lion, he did not have a talent that would appeal to him, so maybe the king might even harm himself. Dimne, on the other hand, said that he would succeed in this job with his mind and intelligence, and he set his mind to do this job. Whatever Kelile did, Dimne did not turn from this idea.

Dimne soon appeared before the lion and introduced himself after greeting the king respectfully. When Aslan asked what he wanted, Dimne first praised his king with words of praise. Then he said that everything in the universe, even a small piece of trash, had a duty, and that he might be of some use to our king, and that he came to his door and said that he wanted to serve. He spoke various languages, brought examples, told stories, spoke succinct words, and somehow managed to impress the king with his words. Days passed, their friendship progressed, their friendship strengthened. One day, while the two of them were sitting together and talking, the lion heard the blackberry of Setrebe from the depths of the forest and was startled. Dimne, who sensed this state of the king, asked implicitly:

“I wonder if that voice made our king anxious?”

Then the lion told his friend about this sound that he had been afraid of for days. He said that nothing had frightened him as much as this voice before, and he also said that he did not know the owner of the voice. Dimne, on the other hand, said that she shouldn’t worry because she can learn about this sound by saying that things with a loud voice are more empty than we thought. Aslan was very happy with this and immediately sent Dimne to the place where the sound came from. Dimne returned after a while and stated that the voice came from an ox, that the source of all this blackberry was only an ox, and that he was a harmless and self-righteous person. The lion’s worries, which had never seen an ox before, did not pass.

Thereupon, Dimne said, “I will bring him before you and make him obey you!” He sprinkled water on the heart of the lion. Dimne came to the ox and said that the king of forests and animals had been summoned by the lion to his presence and that they had to go immediately. Ştrebe said that he would go if he could guarantee his life safety. Dimne has given a guarantee in this regard. They came before the lion and the lion admired the ox’s size. He respected her because of her appearance. Sherebe also respected the lion and said words of praise. Over time, they fell in love with each other and formed a very close and sincere friendship. They shared their secrets, sorrows and joys. The lion can no longer do anything without consulting the ox.

Meanwhile, Dimne, who was in fits of jealousy, had a problem with her brother Kelile. He said that the ox had taken over his own rank, that the king no longer looked at him because of him, that’s why he planned to open the gap between the lion and the ox, and that he would achieve this with his mind and intelligence. Kelile advised him again. Kelile was a good person. He said that he had to give up these poisonous thoughts, that slander was a bad behavior, and that if the lion found out about it, he was afraid that the result would be death. Dimna, on the other hand, did not listen to Kelile.

After a long time, Dimne appeared before the lion. The lion reproached when he saw her. “We haven’t seen you in our assembly for a long time, what caused this, or did we do something that upset you unknowingly?” he asked. Dimne stated that certain events made her uneasy and that she was bored. When the lion asked him to tell, Dimne started to speak “Our dear king! According to the information I have obtained from reliable and reliable sources, it turns out that the Setrebe was in league with your commanders and plotted treacherous plans behind your back. Turns out he has an eye on your throne. He has had these treacherous thoughts ever since he arrived.” he cast doubt into the lion. He reinforced his words with ostensible sorrows and complaints. Aslan did not want to believe these claims. She stated that she and Şerbe were very good friends, that she was not a malicious person, and that she had never seen anything but goodness from him until now. Dimne, on the other hand, said that Shetrebe was an insidious person and said, “As an advisor to our noble king, I have to make this warning. First of all, for yourself, then for your office, and then for your people, you should take this warning seriously.” said. He deceived the lion by using various words, making up various lies, telling stories that support his lies, and alienated him from Setrebe. When Aslan consulted what to do, Dimne said that the only solution was to eliminate him. In the meantime, he went to Shetrebe without wasting time and provoked him against the lion. Dimne finally broke the friendship between Aslan and Şerbe.

He said that the king wanted to eat himself (Şetrebe) for a long time because of his large size and delicious meat, and even wanted to feast his friends with Şetrebe’s meat. In a way, he deceived Ştrebe with his lies. He also cast doubt on him and sow the seeds of enmity towards the lion. The lion and the ox met after a while. When the lion saw the ox in front of him, he swelled his chest and looked straight at it because of his anger. Seeing the lion in this state, the ox said, “It turns out that Dimna was right, this time this lion will tear me apart and eat me!” and defended itself. But luckily, the lion finished the ox on the spot. But then he was overwhelmed with sadness and regretted what he had done. Dimne, on the other hand, was glad that his plan went well and the ox died, and went home. At home, her brother Kelile scolded him by saying, “Did you like what you did, you turned two friends against each other”. Kelile and Dimne talked and argued a lot. As a matter of fact, the tiger, the close friend of the lion, who was returning home at midnight and passing by, heard the conversations of Kelile and Dimna. The next day, he told the lion’s mother what he had heard, one by one. Her mother also told the lion, but she did not specify from whom she heard it because it was a secret. Thereupon, the lion of Dimne was summoned and asked what he had done. After interrogation, he was imprisoned and chained.

Kelile visited Dimne in prison, and the two brothers had a conversation. The pars in the next ward listened to their conversations and heard Dimne’s confessions. After a while, Dimne began to be tried. He resisted for a while with his sharp defenses and theses, which were the products of his mind and intelligence. Even the judges and the king at times thought that they had tried Dimne innocently. However, as the court went to a dead end, first the tiger and then the leopard told what they knew and heard about Dimne in the court. Thereupon, Dimne confessed to his crime and was killed in prison. While he was on trial, he regretted what he had done, but this did not save him from death.

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