Lemon Girl

Lemon Girl

To the one who arrives, to the one who lasts,
He who enters the vineyard without support,
The one who does not keep his word,
The one who testifies falsely,
They said it would go up in smoke.

Once upon a time, there was a kind-hearted, benevolent sultan in one of the countries… He used to distribute food to the poor during Ramadan and clothes during festivals… One day a year, he poured oil from one tap and honey from another tap of the fountain across his palace and received the blessings of everyone…

One day, when oil and honey were flowing from the taps of the fountain, an old woman came to the fountain. She filled a broken jug with oil.

Meanwhile, the sultan’s mischievous son was watching the people coming and going from the palace window. As the old woman was walking away from the fountain, he drew his arrow and smashed her jug. The oil spilled on the floor.

The prince started laughing at the old woman. The old woman, not realizing what had happened to her, looked up and said to the prince:

Hey son, what did I do to you that you broke my jug? I hope to God that you fall in love with Lemon Girl and never see her!

From that day on, the prince was consumed with thoughts… He would spend evenings wondering what this Lemon Girl was like, and his curiosity was getting the better of him.

The sultan, who was annoyed by his son’s thoughtfulness, called him one day and asked him why. The prince said that he was curious about the Lemon Girl and that he would go and look for her if he was allowed.

The sultan reluctantly agreed. One day after the prince was prepared, the sultan said goodbye to his father and sultan mother and set off…

He traveled far and wide… He traveled up and down… He traveled for days… Finally, he came across an old man on a mountainside. He saluted and kissed the old man’s hand.

The old man seemed very pleased that this young man had come and kissed his hand, and he was curious and asked:

No, son, he asked, where are you going all alone like this?


There was a Lemon Girl, he replied. I’m very curious about her, so I went out to look for her. But, even though I’ve been walking for days, I still haven’t found a trace…

The old man laughs:

He said, “I know where the Lemon Girl is. I’ll give you directions: Walk this way. Go behind the mountain in front of you. There you will see a rose garden. Rose trees have big, big thorns. Pick a rose and smell it, saying, “What beautiful roses”. Don’t look at your bleeding hands! Walk out of there… You will come across a stream whose water flows red like blood. Go to it and drink a little, saying, “Oh, what clean water”… Continue on your way… At a corner you will come across a horse and a dog tied to trees with chains. Put the meat in front of the horse in front of the dog and the grass in front of the dog in front of the horse… Walk away from there… You will come across two doors. One is closed and the other is open. Open the closed door and close the open door! Walk through the open door… You will enter a big garden. This is the garden of the giant’s palace. In the garden, among thousands of fruit trees, there is a lemon tree. Look for that tree and find it! You will see three lemons on it. Pluck all three lemons and go back without looking back! Go back the way you came… When you cut these lemons, a girl will come out of each one. They will ask you for something: If you do what they ask…

If you don’t, they’ll die. Be careful… Godspeed, my son!

The prince thanked the old man and when he bent down to kiss his hand, he found no one there. The old man suddenly disappeared.

He immediately set off and started walking. Soon he reached the back of the mountain. Soon he reached the rose garden. He dived among the roses. Even though his hands were bloody from the thorns, he plucked a rose and smelled “what beautiful roses”. He walked out of there. He came across a stream whose water flowed like blood. He went to the edge, bent down, drank a little, saying, “Oh, what clean water”, got up and continued on his way. At a corner he saw a horse and a dog tied to trees with chains. He put the grass in front of the dog in front of the horse and the meat in front of the horse in front of the dog and walked away from there. A little later, two doors appeared in front of him. He closed the open door, opened the closed door, passed through it and entered the giant’s orchard.

He searched the whole garden and found the lemon tree. There were indeed three lemons on the tree. He plucked all three lemons and went back. Just as he approached the gate of the garden, the giant, realizing that lemons had been plucked from his garden, shouted with a voice that shook the earth:

Hold the doors! Hold that boy!

The open door spoke and the camel answered:

I’ve been closed for so many years, no one has asked me what’s wrong with me. This young man opened me up, I felt a little relieved. I can’t keep him! Let him go bye-bye!

The prince passed through the door.

This time the giant called out to the horse and the dog:

Horse! Dog! Hold that boy! Don’t let go!

The horse and the dog answered together:

We won’t keep him. For years you have been forcing one of us to eat meat and the other grass. He saved us from that. He switched meat and grass. May Allah be pleased with him. We cannot do anything bad to him!

The prince also passed by the horse and the dog.

This time the giant called to the stream:

Bloody creek! Bloody creek! Don’t let go of that boy!

The creek responded with its tongue:

I cannot do anything bad to him. You always used to not drink my water because it was “bloody stream”. But he drank it, saying, “Oh, what clean water,” and made my heart happy. Let him pass, may his path be clear!

The prince crossed the stream and entered the rose garden.

The giant called again from behind:

Roses with thorns! Thorny roses! Hold that boy! Don’t let go!

And the roses spoke and answered the giant in unison: You have never deigned to smell us for a single day. You always insulted us as “thorny roses”. However, this young man did not look at our thorns. He did not care that his hands were bleeding. He plucked one from us and smelled it, saying, “What beautiful roses.” He made us happy. May Allah make him happy too. May his work always be good!

The prince left the rose garden and set off.

When the giant became desperate, he left his garden and ran after the boy. He passed through the gates, then the horse and the dog, and came to the stream. But the stream did not give way to him. It swelled and swelled its waters… It covered everything and drowned the giant.

As the prince was traveling, unaware of everything, he thought of cutting one of the lemons. Sitting on the side of the road, he cut one of the lemons with his knife. As soon as the lemon was in two pieces, an extremely beautiful girl came out of it. He said to the prince:

I want water! I want water!

The prince realized that she wanted water. He started to look around. He could neither see a stream nor a fountain. Neither could the poor girl:

They couldn’t find water, so she died on the spot. girl

The prince was deeply upset by this. But what could he do? He got up from his seat. He started to travel mournfully. He got a little tired. He sat down under a tree and rested. Meanwhile, he cut the second lemon.

Wouldn’t this lemon make a dazzlingly beautiful girl? She’s the same as before:

girl Water! He started saying, “Water!

The prince, who was terribly worried, looked left and right for water. But there was neither a spring nor a stream on Allah’s mountain. In desperation, this girl too:

and the prince saw that she was dead too.

He was so upset that he asked himself why he had not cut this second lemon by the water’s edge.

He got up from his seat grieving. He set off thoughtfully. He decided to cut the third lemon by the water’s edge no matter what.

So he traveled for a long time and finally came to a city. Before entering the city, he saw a garden with trees on the side of the road. There was a huge pool in the middle of the garden. And there was no one around.

He went and sat on the edge of the pool. With trembling hands, he took out the third lemon and cut it.

This time, a girl like the fourteenth of the moon came out of her, more beautiful than the previous ones. She started:

the room was asking for water.

The prince immediately grabbed him and threw him into the pool.

The Lemon Girl, who had plenty of water, drank to her heart’s content and bathed to the fullest. She started to laugh merrily.

There was no end to the prince’s joy because he saved the Lemon Girl from dying… He was watching the Lemon Girl with joy.

While Lemon Girl bathes in the pool, the prince:

Sultan, he said, I cannot take you to our palace in this state. Wait here. I will go and get you a nice dress. I will take my soldiers and we will return to the palace.

Lemon Girl:

Well, my prince, he said, I will wait for you by climbing up on the tree over there. Only, when you go to the palace, do not let your parents kiss your forehead. Then you will forget me.

The prince said “okay”. Then he took off the ring with a green stone on his finger:

Lemon Girl, he called out, take this ring and put it on your finger! If we lose each other, we’ll find each other easily with this…

He threw the ring into the pool. Lemon Girl caught it and put it on her finger. The prince walked away from there.

Saraya varır varmaz oğullarına kavuşan padişah ve sultan onu kucaklayarak önce alnından sonra da yanaklarından öptüler.

From then on, the prince forgot about Lemon Girl

While the Prince forgets, let’s talk about the Lemon Girl:

After the prince walked away, Lemon Girl came out of the water. There was a tall plane tree on the edge of the pool. She approached it:

Get down, plane tree! He called out.

The plane tree slowly bent down. After Lemon Girl sat on one of its branches, the tree straightened.

Lemon Girl hid among the leaves in the tree. On the other hand, she was watching the stagnant water of the pool with her head stretched out.

At that moment, an Arab maid from one of the houses in the city came to fetch water for the pool. As she was about to dip her pitcher into the pool, she suddenly stopped. In the water of the pool was the beautiful image of the Lemon Girl. The Arab girl thought it was her own dream and admired it. Then, she said to herself:

If I’m so beautiful, she said, why do they make me work as a maid?

He filled the jug and walked away from the pool. When he came home, he said to his wife:

When I was filling the jug from the pool, I saw myself in the water. I was a very beautiful girl. Why are you making me work as a maid? I’m not going to fetch water anymore!

He filled the jug and walked away from the pool. When he came home, he said to his master:

His master laughed:

Oh silly girl, oh silly girl, she said, if you had only once looked up and looked at the tree, then you would have known who was beautiful!

At this, the Arab girl left the house and went straight to the edge of the pool. When she saw the dream, she raised her head and looked at the tree. When she saw a girl as beautiful as the fourteenth of the moon among the branches, she agreed with her master. He immediately called out to the Lemon Girl:

Pretty girl! Good girl! Please, take me upstairs!

The Lemon Girl was bored because the prince’s return was delayed. She agreed to take the Arab girl upstairs to spend some time talking. Right away:

Get down, plane tree, get down! While the Arab girl looked puzzled as to what was happening, the plane tree started to bend towards the ground. When the branch where Lemon Girl was sitting got closer to the ground, the Arab girl sat next to her. The plane tree straightened.

They started talking back and forth. Then, to pass the time, Lemon Girl told him what had happened to her.

After the Arab girl learned about his life:

Since you are a fairy girl, she said, surely you have a talisman. Won’t you tell me?

The Lemon Girl who can’t think of anything bad:

My talisman is the tiny golden comb on my head, he replied. If this little golden comb is not put in its place, I will become a bird and fly away…

Then they started talking again. At one point the Arab girl said:

Sultan, he said, your hair is very messy. Let me comb it a little when you bow your head…

Lemon Girl bowed her head. The Arab girl started combing her hair with a small golden comb. When she was done, she put the comb on another part of her hair, not where she had taken it out. And the Lemon Girl became a white dove and flew away.

After the Lemon Girl became a bird and flew away, the Arab girl took a big breath of joy. Then she took off her clothes and hid among the leaves of the tree like Lemon Girl. She started to wait for the prince.

Around this time, the prince remembered the Lemon Girl. He immediately gathered his soldiers. He took a layer of silk sultan’s dress with him and set off. He rode his horse ahead and reached the place where the pool was. When he looked up and saw the Arab girl in the tree, he was surprised:

She asked, “What happened to you?

The Arab girl, looking sad:

What will happen, my prince, he said, you have forgotten me. As I sat here, the sun made me dark, the wind made me yellow. My eyes have deteriorated from crying.

The prince believed these words. The Arab girl dressed up nicely and went downstairs with the help of the prince.

They all returned to the palace.

The sultan and the sultan’s mother were surprised to see the Arab girl. As the prince said, there was nothing beautiful about this girl. Desperate, they kept silent for the sake of their son.

They married them for forty days and forty nights.

In ancient Turkish history, weddings lasted forty days and forty nights.

After the wedding, a white dove haunted the palace garden. Every day it lands on a tree and tells the gardener:

Head gardener! Head gardener!” he would call out. If the prince is asleep, may he sleep, may he wake up, may his sleep be oil and honey! If the Arab girl is sleeping, may she sleep, may she wake up, may her sleep be poison. May the branches I step on dry up, may the flower bear no fruit!

Then it would fly away. So every day the branches of the trees it landed on dried up.

One day the prince went down to the garden of the palace and saw that the branches of some trees had dried up:

Why don’t you take good care of these trees?

The gardener had to explain why the branches were dry.

Then the prince said:

Then tar all the branches and catch the pigeon!

The gardener immediately did as the prince said.

The next day the pigeon came and landed on one of the branches:

“Let the branches I stepped on dry up, no flowers, no fruit! But as it flew, its feet stuck to the pitch and it stayed on the branch.

They immediately informed the prince. They took the pigeon and put it in a cage.

The prince loved the pigeon very much. He took the cage to his room and hung it in a corner.

When the prince was in the room, the dove would chirp something and talk like a human being, but when he left the room, it would stop talking.

The Arab girl recognized the dove when she saw it and was thinking of destroying it. One day she faked her illness and said:

I want white pigeon meat, she said, or I will die…

The prince tried to buy a white dove from the bazaar. The Arab girl:

It has to be this pigeon, I don’t want any other! No matter what the prince did, he could not persuade the Arab girl. He slaughtered the white dove in the cage.

The place where they slaughtered the pigeon in the palace garden turned red with blood. At that moment, a huge cypress tree appeared where the blood was.

When the Arab girl saw the cypress tree, she could not stand it:

Make me a throne out of this cypress tree! They tried to find another cypress tree and cut it down, but they couldn’t explain. They cut down the cypress. They made a beautiful throne for the Arab girl.

They gave the leftover pieces of wood to a poor woman. She prayed to burn it in the hearth, took it home and put it aside. When she went to the bazaar to buy some other things, the pieces of wood started to move. Soon Lemon Girl emerged from among the boards. She immediately rolled up her sleeves and cleaned the house from top to bottom and made it like a rose. Then she went to the kitchen and cooked, washed and dried the dishes, put the pots away. She set the dinner table. After everything was done, he hid in a closet.

Just then the poor woman came home. She was surprised as soon as she entered.

She started to search the house, wondering who did all this. When she couldn’t see anyone:

“Are you a lair or a goblin?” she called out. Lemon Girl came out of her hiding place:

Neither a lair nor a genie, she said. I am a fairy girl, but now I am a human like you.

Then he went and kissed her hand. He told her what had happened to him and asked her to adopt him. The poor woman, who was already very bored with loneliness, immediately adopted him.

From that day on, they got along well. One day, the prince fell ill. The physicians told him to drink a lot of soup. Every day soup was sent from a house, if the prince liked it, he would drink it all, if not, he would take a spoonful and leave it.

As soon as the Lemon Girl heard about this, she cooked a nice soup. She threw the ring with the green stone that the prince gave her by the poolside into the soup. To the poor woman:

“Mommy,” she said, “I made a soup for our prince. Will you please take it to the palace?

She said:

“Yes, my child!” and took the soup pot and went to the palace. The soldiers did not want to let this old woman into the palace. The prince saw her from the window and ordered the soldiers to let her go.

The woman went upstairs and gave the soup to the prince. As she left the room, the prince took a spoonful of the soup and liked it. Then he took the second spoon. Something solid came into his mouth. He took it out and looked at it, wasn’t it the ring with the green stone he had given to the Lemon Girl?

Then he realized that the Arab girl he married, whom he called Lemon Girl, was someone else. The man ran after him and sent for the poor woman. When she came to the room:

Auntie, she said, do you have a daughter?

She said:

“Yes, my son,” she replied, “and she’s a fairy girl. But now she is just a human being like us…

The prince was so overjoyed by her words that he was suddenly no longer ill. He sat the woman next to him and asked her to tell him what she knew.

The poor woman told the prince one by one what Lemon Girl had told her.

When the prince learned the truth, he clapped his hands. He said to the Arab servant who entered the room:

“Quickly call our woman!” he ordered.

Soon the Arab girl entered the room. She was trembling with fear.


You lying, treacherous woman! Tell me, do you want forty mules or forty cleavers?

Arab girl:

What should I do with forty lines, she replied, I want forty mules so that I can return to my homeland!

They immediately tied the Arab girl to the tail of forty mules and released her to the mountains.

Wedding preparations were made again in the palace. They married the Prince and the Lemon Girl with unprecedented festivities lasting forty days and forty nights.

they are reunited and happy, better happiness to those who read…

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