Lazy girl

Lazy girl

You will read the story of a lazy girl. The story is very short and meaningful. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Once upon a time, once upon a time. Once upon a time, when the lambs were still lambs and the wolves were still wolves, when I was still rocking my grandmother’s cradle, there was a husband and wife. This husband and wife had a daughter. The girl was raised as a baby, but she never learned any work. That’s why she was called “Lazy Girl”. This girl was so lazy that she was too lazy to get up. Her parents had a gelberi made for her. The girl was doing her work from where she was sitting. The girl’s marriage age came. Her parents married her to a hunter. The hunter went hunting and shot a duck. He came home, cleaned the duck and put it on the fire. He prepared to go hunting again and told his wife

“I put the duck in the fire so it wouldn’t burn.” Lazy Girl,

“Yes,” he said, but he didn’t even get up. A long time passed. The beggar came home and told the Lazy Girl

“Madam, a slice of bread for God’s sake,” he said. And the lazy girl said

“Go next door to the kitchen and get it,” he replied. The beggar went into the kitchen. He saw a duck boiling on the stove, he took the duck and put it in his bag. He threw the dirty sandals on his feet into the pot. He came to the Lazy Girl.

“Look, ma’am, I bought bread, God bless you. Now let me sing you a folk song and I’ll go.” and he sang the folk song.

Your beak is in my bagMy sandals in your soupYou lie in the rough bed quiltI’ll eat the beak in the forest

The beggar sang the ballad and left. Some time passed and the girl’s hunter husband came. He told his wife

“Is the duck cooked? His wife told him what happened. Look, he sang me a folk song. He said, “I’ll sing it to you. She sang the folk song. Then the hunter husband understood the situation, got angry and scolded his wife. After that, the lazy girl stopped being lazy.

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