Jealous Goat

Jealous Goat

Once upon a time, a goat and a donkey lived together on a farm. The goat always had to find its own food, but the donkey was overworked and was fed by its owner every day. The goat forgot the trouble that the donkey went through by carrying hundreds of kilos every day, and was very jealous that the donkey was fed by its owner. I am also a member of this farm, when it was said that why the donkey’s food is always in front of me and I have to find my own food every day, he took his breath with the donkey to implement the plan he had thought for a long time.


-“Donkey brother, you know? I am very sorry for your situation, you carry hundreds of kilograms of load every day, I haven’t seen you get comfortable for a day, you need some rest too.” said.


-” Goat brother, you know the situation. My owner has no other animals to carry his loads but me, so I have to work for the farm every day.” said.


-” Donkey brother, if you run into everything, of course the boss won’t stop you. Maybe if you get sick or you stumble and hurt your foot, the boss will get another donkey and he’ll help you out, and you’ll work in rows together.” said.

The donkey believed what the goat said. One morning, while carrying a load with his owner, he slightly sprained his foot on the road, suddenly all the load came to the area where that foot was and the donkey’s foot was broken. While the donkey was moaning in pain, its owner rushed to fetch a veterinarian. The farmer loved his donkey, which served him for years. He was ready to do anything for the donkey’s recovery. The veterinarian examined the donkey, found that his leg was broken, and that he had been using goat meat for a month.

The farmer gave up his goat for the sake of his beloved donkey. He made the donkey eat the soup made with goat’s meat every day, and the donkey was healed.

While the poor goat wanted to take the donkey’s food for himself, he himself became the food for the donkey.

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