I can’t eat olive oil aman folk song Turkey Bursa

I can’t eat olive oil aman folk song Turkey Bursa

This folk song was compiled by Muzaffer Sarısözen on November 2, 1954, citing İhsan Kaplayan as the source.

In order to understand the very interesting story of this well-known folk song, the first thing you need to know is the Marshall Plan that came into effect after World War II.

Turkey’s needs are being studied and the US Government is considering new aid projects M. Bread, head of the American aid delegation in Ankara, flew to Washington, D.C. Turkey began to receive Marshall Aid on July 4, 1948

The Marshall Plan was an American aid package proposed in 1947 and put into effect between 1948 and 1951. Among the beneficiaries of this aid package were 16 countries, including Turkey.

America has been the world’s largest producer of corn since time immemorial. Therefore, the way to use up the corn accumulated in the country is to sell it to other countries; in other words, to export it.

The United States, the world's largest corn producer, imposed the prerequisite of "buying corn oil" on countries that wanted to benefit from the Marshall aid package in order to melt the accumulated mountain of corn.

(Food Imperialism in terms of New Colonialism, Osman Nuri Koçtürk, Toplum Yayınları, 1966).

In response, Turkey built its first margarine factory. In the same period, many olive trees were uprooted for this very reason.

Olive oil from the few olive trees that survived the massacre is bought by the US in dollars and corn oil is sold for TL.

Then false claims are made that olive oil causes cancer when heated so that people move away from olive oil and consume margarine...

However, olive oil is one of the most difficult oils to burn. As a result, with this kind of news, Turkish people are turned away from olive oil and accustomed to margarine.

This is not enough... Again, a folk song is ordered to denigrate olive oil: "I can't eat olive oil, I can't wear a basmadan fistan..."

Then this folk song became the most popular folk song of its time. Just like today. People who are introduced to margarine for this reason get used to it very quickly. In fact, none of us have fully gotten into the habit of using olive oil yet. And just like in the rest of the ballad, women wearing chintz are introduced to today’s plastic clothes…

**This article is based on the article of “Prof. Dr. Kenan Demirkol”.

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