How is Ankara Turkey’s second largest city

How is Ankara Turkey’s second largest city

How is Ankara, As Turkey’s second largest city and capital, Ankara is a beautiful destination to explore on vacation. Although it is as crowded as Istanbul, it is also a city as beautiful as Istanbul, and its people are also beautiful. The most common nickname used by the people of Ankara is “we are angara babies”. In Ankara, a city of greater importance in terms of Turkey’s historical beauties that do not end with being explored, there are also many natural beauties.

Ankara is home to some of Turkey’s most prominent historical and touristic sites such as Anıtkabir and Duatepe, as well as museums, mosques and entertainment areas.

Starting from Çankaya, which is considered the center of Ankara, to Şereflikoçhisar, the farthest district from the city center, there are many places to explore in Ankara.

Akyurt district, known for its proximity to Ankara Esenboğa Airport, is 40 km from the city center.

The district, where the settlement dates back to 5000 years ago, was located on the Road of Kings during the Roman Empire. Today, it attracts attention especially with its local dishes and historical Balıkhisar Village Mound.

Those who are interested in archaeology can visit the Kızıleşik Tumulus and those who want to spend a day alone with nature can visit the Kızık Pond.

When you come to Akyurt, which is famous for its fruit trees, organic products produced by locals can be purchased from the district markets.


Altındağ district is 20 km from Ankara city center.

Altındağ, where Hamamönü, one of the historical neighborhoods of Ankara, is located, is actually one of the most touristic areas of the city.

When traveling to Ankara, you can take a day trip to Altındağ or spend a few days exploring the historical and touristic places here.

Those interested in history can visit historical buildings such as Zincirli Mosque, Ağaçayak Mosque, Kurşunlu Mosque, Ahi Şerafettin Complex, Sulu Han, Çengel Han and Pirinç Han. The War of Independence Museum is also one of the places worth seeing in the district.

Altındağ also hosts the Ankara Castle Festival in June every year and the traditional Altınköy Harvest Festival in summer.


Ayaş district, a historical settlement in Ankara, is approximately 65 km from the city center.

The history of Ayaş, which is a touristic district of Ankara with its historical heritage and natural attractions, dates back to the Hittites.

Asartepe Canyon is one of the prominent features of the district. The lake of this gigantic canyon is also worth seeing.

When you come to Ayaş; Historical buildings such as Bünyamin Ayaşi Mosque, Pasha Bath, Asarcık Mound, Galat Castle and Ulu Mosque can also be seen.

Karakaya Hot Spring can be visited to benefit from the healing waters of the district.


Bala, the district where Beynam Forests are located, is approximately 70 km from Ankara city center.

Beynam Forests are one of the places to be seen when you go to Bala, which is famous for its kömbesi, fig uyutması and lame in Ankara.

Aliasos Ancient City dating back to the Galatians period and Kesikköprü Dam are also worth seeing here.


Famous for its carrots and dried carrots, Ankara district Beypazarı is located 100 km from the city center.

Beypazarı, a historical and touristic settlement of the city, attracts attention with its natural atmosphere and historical houses that it still preserves today.

Historical Beypazari houses are the most important things to see in Beypazarı, which bears traces of the different cultures it has hosted throughout history. Alaaddin Street, where historical mansions are located, is also worth seeing.

On a trip to Beypazarı; Historical Suluhan Caravanserai, People’s House, İmaret Square, Beypazarı Bazaar, Gümüşçüler Bazaar and İnözü Valley should also be visited.


Çamlıdere, the district of Ankara, famous for its forested areas adorned with pine trees and its abundant oxygen-rich nature, is 100 km from the city center.

Çamlıdere, a region that has become popular in recent years, is especially preferred by those who want to spend a day in touch with nature. The district, which is frequently visited by capital citizens on weekends and in good weather, stands out with its natural beauties such as Fossil Forest, Çamkoru Nature Park, Aluçdağı Nature Park, Benli Plateau.

For a historical trip in Çamlıdere; Peçenek Mosque and Sheikh Ali Semerkandi Tomb can be visited.

The district also hosts the Oil Wrestling Festival, which becomes traditional every year and is held in July.


Çankaya district, which is considered the center of the city; It is home to some of the most crowded streets of the city such as Kızılay Square and Tunalı Hilmi Street.

The most important attraction center of Çankaya is Anıtkabir. Anıtkabir, where Atatürk’s mausoleum is located, is also very impressive with its magnificent architecture.

When you come to Çankaya, it is also very enjoyable to eat at Atakule restaurant with a view of the city. Swan Park, Kocatepe Mosque, Seğmenler Park, Pink Pavilion, Kurtuluş Park, Güvenpark and Atatürk and War of Independence Museum should also be seen here.


The Çubuk district, which was taken over by the Turks with the conquest of Anatolia, has shown a great development since the Seljuk period.

The most important attractions of Çubuk district, which is 45 km away from the city center, are Karagöl and Hacılar Village Waterfall. Both places, which attract the attention of tourists, can be visited to be alone with nature and have a picnic.

The historical Melikşah Bath, located within the borders of Melikşah Village, is also worth seeing.

In Çubuk, famous for its pickles, Çubuk Pickle and Culture Festival is organized every year in September.


Elmadağ, a historical district of Ankara, is located approximately 45 km from the city center.

Elmadağ, where Elmadağ Ski Center, which is the prominent winter tourism center of the city, attracts attention from local and foreign tourists, especially in winter. The ski center can also be visited in summer with its waterfalls.

When you go to Elmadağ district, whose history dates back to the Seljuk period, Hasanoğlu Town, where Hasandede Tomb is also located, is also worth seeing. When you go to this town, you can buy bee products such as organic honey.


Etimegsut district is 20 km from the city center.

Etimesgut, known as Amaksiz in history, has shown a great development with the proclamation of the Republic and then gaining district status.

Göksu Park is the prominent attraction center of the district. In service since 2003, this park is very enjoyable with its piers, fishing opportunities in the lake, amusement park, walking and picnic areas, tea garden and cafe.

Air Museum and Ahi Evran Mausoleum can also be visited while traveling to Etimesgut.

The International Anatolian Days Culture and Art Festival, which becomes traditional every year, is organized in August.


Evren district is approximately 170 km from the city center. Neighboring Şereflikoçhisar, Evren is one of the most distant districts to Ankara city center.

Located on the shores of Hirfanlı Lake, one of the largest lakes in Ankara, Evren is famous for its lakeside fish restaurants and the magnificent lake views it offers.

Evren district, one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia, gained district status in the 1960s and continued its development.

When you come here, you can visit Semizbağı Mound and Sığırcık Castle, which will attract the attention of history enthusiasts. Hirfanlı Dam Pond is ideal for meals and nature walks by the lake.


Gölbaşı district is 25 km from Ankara city center.

Covering a total area of 740 km2, the district is one of the touristic areas of the city with its Mogan and Eymir lakes. Archaeological studies conducted here show that the settlement dates back to 3000 BC.

Among the attractions of Gölbaşı are Tulumtaş Cave, a natural cave with stalagmites and stalactites, and Gölbaşı City Park with activities for all ages.


Güdül district, famous for its chickpeas, is approximately 90 km from Ankara city center.

Güdül, which attracts attention with İnönü Stone Caves, picnic places and natural beauties, used to stand out with its chickpea manufacturing workshops. Today, the number of workshops manufacturing chickpeas in the district is quite limited.

Historical Güdül houses, Sorgun Pond and Yeşilöz- Kirmir Valley are also among the must-see places in Güdül.

In June, the Cherry Festival is held here. Güdül is also home to some of the most beautiful camping and picnic areas in the city.


Haymana district, 85 km from the city center, is famous for its hot springs.

Haymana, where the settlement dates back to ancient times, has been home to different civilizations until today and still bears traces of these civilizations today.

When you go to Haymana with its historical buildings, touristic attractions and natural beauties; Gavur Castle, Cimcime Sultan Tomb, Haymana ponds that impress with their natural beauty are among the must-see places.

When you come to Haymana, you can also stay in thermal hotels with thermal springs known to be good for many diseases.


Kahramankazan district, 50 km from Ankara city center, was previously known as Kazan. After the July 15th night struggle, it took the title of hero and started to be known as Kahramankazan.

Kazan, a historical settlement in the city, stands out with the Asarkaya Ancient City, which attracts the attention of history and archeology enthusiasts. The district is also the location of Akıncı Base.

When you come to Kazan, Bitik Höyük and the famous Bitik Vase excavated from this mound must be seen.


Famous for its grapes and wine, Ankara district of Kalecik is 70 km from the city center.

Kalecik, which is one of the places worth seeing in Ankara with its vineyards, historical castle and delicious wines, is also known as Little Adana due to its geographical features.

When you go to Kalecik, which is home to Kalecik grape, one of the most delicious grapes in the world, Kalecik Castle, Kızılırmak Bridge, Tabakhane Mosque, Büyük Mosque, Kazancıbaba Tomb and Government Building must be seen.


Keçiören district is approximately 8-10 km from the city center.

Keçiören, one of the central regions of Ankara, also stands out with its crowded population. Known for its historical buildings and old vineyards, Keçiören has a deep-rooted history in the history of Ankara.

Keçiören, which gained district status in 1984, was also the place where the famous Ankara goats grazed. Today, during a visit to Keçiören; the historical Estergon Castle, Keçiören Waterfall, the cable car where you can see the city from above, the Sea World, which attracts attention especially from families with children, and the famous Keçiören Vineyard Houses must be seen.


Kızılcahamam is 80 km from Ankara city center.

One of the 25 central districts in Ankara, Kızılcahamam has one of the richest plant diversity in the Central Anatolia region. In this respect, it is well known for its Soğuksu National Park, which is popular for activities such as picnics, barbecues, bird watching and nature sports for the people of the capital.

Apart from that, the hot springs, which date back to the Romans and are famous for their healing properties, attract attention from local and foreign tourists coming to the city.

Kızılcahamam is also home to attractions such as Abacı Fairy Chimneys, castles, tombs and monasteries.


Mamak, one of the metropolitan districts of Ankara, is 25 km from the city center.

With a population of 670 thousand people, Mamak is a true Central Anatolian mosaic. The settlement in Mamak district, where Çankırı, Yozgat and Çorum people are predominant, dates back to Galat and Phrygians.

When you come to Mamak; Hüseyin Gazi Tomb, Kıbrısköy Stream, Hatip Stream and the historical castles around it, Bayındır Stream and the historical Hacı Satılmış Ağa Fountain are also worth seeing.


Nallıhan district is approximately 160 km from the city center.

The most important attraction of the district is Nallıhan Bird Sanctuary. The bird sanctuary, which attracts attention from local and foreign tourists coming here, is home to hundreds of different bird species.

The historical Ottoman houses of Nallıhan are also very interesting. Many of these houses continue to challenge history by being restored.

Kocahan, one of the symbols of the district, historical Nasuh Pasha and Uluhan mosques, Uyuzsuyu Waterfall, a natural wonder, 750-year-old Memorial Tree, Juliopolis Necropolis are also worth seeing in Nallıhan.


Polatli district, 80 km from Ankara city center, is famous for the Dua Tepe Monument.

Dua Tepe Monument, which has an important place in Turkish history, attracts the attention of history enthusiasts. Kartaltepe Mehmetçik Monument is another monument worth seeing in Polatlı.

The museum near the Mehmetçik Monument, which symbolizes an important event in the Turkish offensive, can also be visited for a journey into history.

Alagöz Headquarters Museum, historical Malıköy Railway Station, Sakarya Martyrs Monument, Gordion Museum are also worth seeing.


Pursaklar, one of the historical districts of Ankara, is 20 km from the city center.

With the establishment and development of the republic in the 1900s, Pursaklar has rapidly increased its population.

One of the oldest villages in the city, Pursak is also worth seeing with its historical and touristic attractions.

The Dolfinarium and Dolphin Show Center attracts attention especially from families with children and can be visited to pet dolphin fish. In Pursaklı; Kayaönü region, Pasha Rocks, Tebessüm Picnic Area and European Union Park can also be preferred to be alone with nature.

In Pursaklar, the International Cat Beauty Festival is also organized every year in late summer and early autumn.


Sincan district, which is home to Wonderland and Fairy Tale Island, one of the attractions of Ankara, is 60 km away from the city center.

With the settlement in Sincan dating back to 5000 BC, it is one of the most historical districts of Ankara. Sincan, where mountainous areas are predominant and famous for its tulips, is also famous for the traditional Tulip Festival every year.

Land of Wonders and Fairy Tale Island are the tourist attractions of Sincan. Visitors to Ankara show great interest in this large park area.

For a historical trip in Sincan; Ali Yakut Village Mosque, Eski Bucuk Village Mosque and Kötürüm Beyazıd Mosque can be visited.


Şereflikoçhisar district is 150 km from the city center.

With a population of 30 thousand people, Şereflikoçhisar, located in the southern region of Ankara, is also the settlement at the farthest point from the city center in Ankara.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk gave the title of “honorable” to Şereflikoçhisar, which is neighboring with Bala and Evren districts.

There are places to visit and see here, such as the Salt Lake Museum and the City Museum. Salt Lake, the largest lake in Turkey and the second saltiest lake in the world, is also located in Şereflikoçhisar.

The district is also known as the place where salt was thrown into the invitation coffee for the first time.


Yenimahalle, a historical and touristic district of Ankara, is 20 km from the city center.

Yenimahalle, whose history dates back to the early 1900s, gained district status in the 1950s. It is also one of the most populous districts of the city.

Although it is a region that developed with the establishment of the Republic, there are also historical buildings worth seeing in Yenimahalle.

Akköprü, built in the 1200s, is one of the historical buildings of the district. The Presidential Palace, 75th Year Ankara Hippodrome, Atatürk Forest Farm, Universal Values Children’s Museum and Science Center, Ankara Temapark, Grand Ankara and Moscow Circus are also worth seeing.

Atatürk Forest Farm can also be visited to buy natural and organic products such as honey and milk.

The Games and Toys Festival is also organized in Yenimahalle every year in May.

Due to the development and construction brought about by urbanization, Ankara city center and its surroundings offer natural beauties with artificial parks, while the natural beauties in the small surrounding districts stand out more.

Eymir Gölü

Eymir Gölü

Eymir Lake, which is beautiful in summer and beautiful in winter, is located within the borders of OTDÜ. It is home to the university’s sports activities. Lake Eymir, fed by Lake Mogan, the other lake in Gölbaşı, covers an area of approximately 108 hectares. It has formed its own unique fauna and flora over time.

Eymir Lake is open to all visitors. However, if you want to enter by car, you must get a Lake Entrance Card from METU. If the car is parked outside, an average of 20 minutes of walking is required. There are also various cafes and restaurants around the lake. There are quite large areas for picnics.

Entrance to Lake Eymir is free of charge.

Atatürk Orman Çiftliği

Atatürk Orman Çiftliği

It was founded in 1925 by Atatürk. It is located in Gazi neighborhood of Yenimahalle. In 1992, it was taken under protection as a Grade 1 Protected Area, but in 2011, 46 hectares of the park was changed to a Grade 3 Protected Area.

Known as the largest green area in Ankara, Atatürk Forest Farm includes historical and natural beauties such as Turkey’s largest zoo, Gazi Picnic Area, Atatürk Forest Farm Museum and Exhibition Hall, a house similar to Thessaloniki and the historical Black Sea Pool, which is established on an area of 32 hectares.

Entrance to Atatürk Forest Farm is free of charge.

Mogan Gölü

Mogan Gölü

Located in Gölbaşı district, the lake covers an area of 561 hectares. It is described as the sea of Ankara. It is an alluvial lake with salt water. The irregularly flowing lake rises above a certain level during the rainy season and feeds Lake Eymir.

On the shoreline of Lake Mogan, there are cafeterias, restaurants, camping and fishing spots, picnic areas, jogging track, 3 tennis courts, children’s playground, disabled children’s playground and a marina island accessible by suspension bridges.

Entrance to the Mogan Lake area is free of charge.

Göksu Parkı

Göksu Parkı

Göksu, which is one of the rare places of Ankara famous for its green and blue, is one of the most preferred spots especially for picnic and recreation purposes. It is within the borders of Eryaman Town, which is approximately 10 kilometers from Etimesgut district center.

With its 127,189 meters of pond area and 250,200 greenery area, it is an indispensable place for Ankara residents on weekends. There are also various restaurants and cafes around Göksu Park. It also serves many people with its entertainment and sports areas. It is possible to reach Eryaman by public transportation from many parts of Ankara.

Entrance to Göksu Park is free of charge.

Harikalar Diyarı

Harikalar Diyarı

Considered as one of the largest parks in Europe, Wonderland stands out with its points that appeal to people from almost every age group. With 15 different entrance gates, it is designed to serve many people at the same time. When it comes to children or experiencing the spirit of children, it is one of the places to be preferred in Ankara.

Fairy Tale Island, where it is located, is a theme park. It has figures of cartoon characters belonging to almost every generation. There are different heroes of different cultures such as Gulliver statue, Snow White, Smurfs, Keloğlan. In terms of transportation, there are a wide range of options from metro to minibuses, private vehicles to public transportation.

Entrance to Wonderland is free of charge.

Kuğulu Park

Kuğulu Park

It is located in Kavaklıdere neighborhood of Çankaya. Kuğulu Park, which is described as Ankara’s most famous park, stands out especially with its swans, geese and ducks. It is home to 24 different species in total. While there are cafeterias in the Atatürk Boulevard part of the park, there are walking areas, playgrounds and various sports areas in the inner parts.

The swans that give the park its name have become a political symbol. The black swans still in the park were a gift from the Chinese government and came from Beijing. It has been designated as a protected area due to its historical and natural beauty. In addition to the swans, there are poplars, lilacs, redbuds, various shrub groups and seasonal flowers.

Entrance to Kuğulu Park is free of charge.

Seğmenler Parkı

Seğmenler Parkı

Located right next to Kuğulu Park, Seğmenler Park is one of the rare places in the center of Ankara where you can satisfy your longing for nature. There is also a large amphitheater in the park, which has been serving in Kavaklıdere district since 1983. It has become a point where cultural events are organized regularly.

Spread over an average area of 67 thousand kilometers, the park has pools, playgrounds and large walking areas. It is easily accessible by walking from Kızılay district center. Due to its proximity to Kızılay, it has become one of the most preferred places to visit.

Entrance to Seğmenler Park is free of charge.

Altın Park

Altın Park

Built on an area of 640 thousand square meters on Esenboğa International Airport, Altınpark is also known as the Fair Center as it hosts international fair events. With a distance of only 5 kilometers from Ankara city center, it is a place where many people spend time almost every day.

It has indoor and outdoor sports fields, open and semi-open show amphitheaters, restaurants serving Turkish, Italian and Chinese cuisine, children’s playgrounds, picnic areas and cafes for tea and coffee.

In addition to these, there is a pond, horse riding facilities, production fields, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a mini golf course, walking areas and many entertainment centers to appeal to people of all ages.

Entrance to Altınpark is free of charge.

Gençlik parkı

Gençlik Park

Gençlik Park, one of the most important symbolic areas of Ankara, is located in Doğanbey neighborhood of Altındağ district. In 1936, in the early days of the Republic of Turkey, it started to be built on a swampy land and was opened on May 19, 1943.

The park has a pool area, green area, cafeterias, children’s playground, opera house and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Theater with a capacity of 638 people.

Entrance to Gençlik Park is free of charge.



Located in Doğan neighborhood of Çankaya, the park is one of the symbolic spots of Ankara. After a project planned by Clemens Holzmeister, the Güvenpark Monument was placed in this area. Later, the monument gave the park its name.

The park has seating areas, a pool, lush green trees and a playground where children can spend time. In addition, minibuses to almost every point of Ankara depart from here. For those who will come to Güven Park, direct transportation is provided by Kızılay minibuses and buses departing from all districts.

Entrance to Güvenpark is free of charge.

Kızılcahamam Soğuksu Milli Park

Kızılcahamam Soğuksu Milli park

Kızılcahamam, which is famous for its underground hot water riches, is also home to a very eye-catching area called Soğuksu National Park. Soguksu National Park, like other Kizilcahamam spots, has both hot water and cold water resources as it has a volcanic infrastructure.

Since the park is located at the transition point between Central Anatolia and the Black Sea, there is a large and dense forest area and a pond. There is also a camping and picnic area, SPA facility with a capacity of 300 people, restaurant and cafeteria services.

Entrance to Kızılcahamam Soğuksu National Park is free of charge.

50. Yıl Parkı

50. Yıl Parkı

Located in the 50th Yıl neighborhood of Çankaya district, this park offers a panoramic view of Ankara. In 1970, it was opened to the public to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the republic. It is built on an area of 130,000 square meters.

The park includes a pond, playground, cafeterias, football field, ice rink, open-air theater and picnic areas. Another important feature of the park is that it has the second tallest flagpole in the world and the tallest in Europe.

Entrance to the 50th Anniversary Park is free of charge.

Kızılcahamam Kaplıcaları

Kızılcahamam Kaplıcaları

Kızılcahamam, which has gained fame over time with its hot water spas, is in a place where the Black Sea and continental climate meet due to its location. Since it is located in the transition climate, it offers rich natural vegetation when it comes to natural beauty.

In addition to its natural beauties, its healing waters cure many people’s problems throughout the year. It is said to be good for diseases such as rheumatic diseases, sciatica, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, orthopedic disorders and eczema.

Historical baths built in the Roman period and used by the Ottomans can still be observed. Transportation is easily provided by buses from many parts of Ankara and Turkey.

Entrance fees to Kızılcahamam Hot Springs are 20 – 30 TL.

Eğriova Tabiat Parkı

Eğriova Tabiat Parkı

Since 2011, Eğriova Nature Park, which has the status of a national park, is located within the borders of Beypazarı district. It is 150 kilometers away from Ankara city center. The sluice lake, which was created against forest fires, has become a natural beauty today.

Eğriova Nature Park, which is among the best places for nature enthusiasts to spend time, is mostly preferred for camping. There are traces of the transhumance culture around it, which was once actively used but has been abandoned today. There are also some facilities within the nature park where basic needs can be met.

Entrance to Eğriova Nature Park is free of charge.

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