Giraffe that doesn’t want to sleep

The story of the giraffe that doesn’t want to sleep

The Giraffe who doesn’t want to sleep is one of the most beautiful children’s fairy tales. If you are looking for a short tale to tell your child, this beautiful children’s tale is just for you.

Once upon a time. There was a giraffe. He was so tall, so tall that when he was hungry he could easily eat the leaves on the highest branches of the trees.

One day he was hungry again. He started to gobble the leaves of the first tree he came across… But suddenly, he heard a thin, angry voice.

“Heey, hold it, monster! Why are you plowing my garden?”

The giraffe looked, a tiny bird.

“I’m not a monster!” he told the bird. “I’m a baby giraffe. Besides, I don’t plow the garden of your house. I’m just feeding myself.”

“But all the leaves you ate were from my garden… You almost swallowed my nest in your big mouth,” said the bird.

The giraffe was very upset. “I didn’t know you had a nest here, so I’ll eat the leaves of another tree.”

But what if there’s another bird’s nest in another tree?

The bird offered to help him. “Let me fly ahead and see if there is a nest hidden in the leaves and I will let you know.”

And then what happened?

So the bird and the giraffe became friends. The bird showed him where there were trees without nests in their branches, and the giraffe ate plenty of leaves and filled his belly. If there was a caterpillar on the leaves, the giraffe would tell the bird. And the bird would eat the caterpillar. Because birds love caterpillars and worms.

“Watch out, you big-footed monster! You almost stepped on me!”

The giraffe bent down and looked in the direction of the sound. What did he see? A tiny baby rabbit! Since the giraffe’s eyes were always on the trees, he could not see the rabbit on the ground. “I’m sorry, brother rabbit,” he said. “I was eating in the trees with my bird brother and I didn’t look in front of me.”

The rabbit was curious. “My height is too short. Even when I grow up to be a big rabbit, my height will not reach the height of a tree. But I always wonder how the world looks from the top of a tree,” said the rabbit.

The giraffe said, “What’s easier than that? I’ll lower my head and you climb up and hold on to my neck. That way you can look around from the top of the trees.”

The rabbit was very happy and immediately grabbed the giraffe’s neck. The bird was also very happy. It was the first time he had seen a rabbit climbing into the sky.

So the giraffe, the bird and the rabbit became friends. They played until evening and the sun set. The bird saw the sun waving to them first.

And then?

“It’s evening, we should go home now,” he told his friends.

The giraffe jumped at once. “Never mind! There is still a long time until nightfall. I don’t like to sleep anyway. Why don’t we just stay up tonight and play all the time?”

The rabbit liked the idea very much. “Yes, yes, I don’t like to sleep either. Let’s go home very late tonight. Let’s stay here and play.”

The lone bird was worried he would be late home. But in the end, he relented. They got into a game.

They played and played and played so much that the sun had already disappeared in the sky and it was getting dark.

And then what?

“But I’m so sleepy,” the bird whined. “I’m going home now!” Then it took wing and flew home.

“I want to sleep too!” said the rabbit. “Bye, giraffe brother, see you tomorrow.” Then he ran so fast with his long hind legs that he disappeared in an instant.

The giraffe didn’t mind at all. He didn’t want to sleep. It was better to play than to sleep. But he looked to his right and to his left, and he couldn’t see anyone around to play with. Everyone was already asleep. It was dark everywhere. Trees, flowers, even stones could not be seen.

After a while, the giraffe got bored. He also got sleepy. He opened his mouth wide and yawned. He wanted to be in his warm bed, but he could neither fly like a bird nor run like a hare.

With his tall height, he had to walk very slowly in the dark to avoid hitting the trees. He walked… He walked! He went… He went! But he never reached home…

The giraffe was so sleepy that he lay down right there on the wet grass. He slept soundly.

In the morning, he woke up to the sun shining brightly. He woke up, but he couldn’t move. He ached all over. Because he slept in the cold all night, he caught a cold and got sick.

After that day, the giraffe lay sick for days. He could not go out to play until he got better. While his friends the bird and the rabbit were playing happily, he was at home waiting to get better.

Of course, he eventually recovered and joined his friends. But the giraffe was the first to see that it was getting dark and the sun was waving to them, and he said, “Come on, friends, it’s time to go home.”

And the giraffe loves to sleep now. He also loved his soft and warm bed.

Sleep is such a sweet thing.😌

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