Geese and the Fig Tree

Geese and the Fig Tree

Once upon a time, geese lived happily on the shore of a lake in the forest, nesting on a fig tree with huge branches. One day, a wise old goose noticed a small vine growing at the base of the fig tree. Calling the geese swimming in the lake to his side; “See that little vine? It is growing day by day, starting to climb our tree. This vine tree could be a major issue for us one day! Years ago, when I was a baby goose, I saw such a vine plague us. If we do not pull the vine now while it is still small and easy to cut, it will grow and thicken over time. Then one day the vine will become big and thick enough for one to climb. A hunter might climb the vine and catch us in our burrow, we must get rid of the vine-tree spell without a problem.” said.

The geese began to argue among themselves about the state of the vine, there was a noise from each head. A little goose said, “It’s ridiculous what you say, how could such a small vine cause such a big problem for us? Nothing is like it was when you were little. Our home is in a safe place.”

The other geese confirmed what the little goose had said, thus allowing the vine to grow.

One day the geese went out in the forest to catch flies, insects and small fish. A hunter, passing by the geese’s nests, saw the fig tree and the vine leading towards the fig tree. The vine had grown and its trunk had thickened, and the Hunter quickly climbed the vine and reached the geese’s nest. Knowing that the geese would come to their nests in the evening, the hunter put a net around their nest and quietly descended from the tree.

As the hunter returned home, “I will catch a lot of geese when I come in the morning!” she was delighted.

In the evening, after a day of great food and fun, the geese are back in their nests. All the geese suddenly found themselves in the trap set by the hunter.

“The geese started to cry. How did we fall into such a trap? However, our home was in a very safe place. Wise old goose; Don’t you remember? I told you all that this could happen to us when we were still young, but you didn’t listen to me.”

All the geese were like, “What are we going to do now?” ‘ the wise old accident asked.

Wise old goose;

-“Our only hope of escaping this trap is to pretend to be dead when that hunter returns tomorrow. If the hunter thinks we’re all dead, he can pull us out of the net and throw us to the ground to take his net. We must all remain still until the last goose is thrown from the tree to the ground.” said.

At sunrise the next morning, the hunter came back. He was very happy to see that there were a lot of geese in his net! But as he approached his net, he saw that all the geese were motionless. He thought that dead geese would not be of use to him, so he took the geese out of their net one by one and threw them on the ground. The geese lay motionless on the ground until the last goose was thrown to the ground. Then the hunter got down from the tree and set off to return home. As soon as the geese were completely sure that the hunter was gone, they all got up and flew back to the branches of the fig trees.

The geese understood what to do after this incident. They struggled a bit, but little by little they tore that big vine from the tree by tearing it apart with their beaks. The vine branches would no longer pose a danger to them. The geese continued to live safely in their nests on the fig tree.

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