Finger Boy Tale

Finger Boy Tale

Finger Child tale is among the most beautiful children’s fairy tales. If you are looking for a short tale to tell your child, this beautiful children’s tale is just for you.

In a faraway country, there lived a very poor husband and wife in a hut. They were poor, but they were not complaining about their poverty at all, the only thing that upset them was that they did not have a child. They wanted to have a child very much. So they went to doctors, they went to wizards. A magician gave them a magic seed to grow. He told them to plant the seed and wait for it to grow. They came home and immediately planted the seed in a pot and started to wait. Days passed and the seed began to bloom and one day they saw a cute little finger-sized boy sitting in the center of the bud. They took the finger boy in their hands and looked at him in amazement.

Woman to husband:

“Isn’t this boy a little small?” he asked.


You are right, he is a little small, but we have a child after all these years, look how cute he is, let’s name him Finger Boy.” In the evening, they prepared a bed made of walnut shells for the finger child and put a leaf on it as a quilt. They put the finger child to bed and waited for him to fall asleep. After he fell asleep, they left the room and closed the door. When the finger child fell asleep, two pairs of eyes were watching the finger child through the open window. These two pairs of eyes belonged to the ugly frog by the stream. When the frog saw the finger girl:

Look at that little boy lying there, he looks just like a slave to work in the mine.”

The frog took the little boy on his back with his bed and took him to the lake. In the morning the little boy realized that he was not in the room where he slept.

And then what?

“Where are my mom and dad?” he cried. The frog standing next to him, laughing at him, caught his attention. This frog was the frog that kidnapped the finger child. The frog said to the finger child:

“You are mine now, you will work in my mine, don’t think you can run away, I won’t leave you anywhere.” Finger boy:

“Please let me go, I have to go to my mom and dad, they must be very worried about me,” he said, but the frog was not interested. Seeing what was happening from a distance, the red fish took pity on the fingerling and decided to help him. He immediately went to him and started pulling the leaf that the finger child was on. The fingerling thanked the red fish for saving him from the frog.

The red fish was tired of being alone, so he said to the fingerling, “If you want, you can live here with me and we will be happy for a lifetime. “My parents miss me and I don’t want them to be sad and cry, so I’d better go home right away,” said the finger boy.

Meanwhile, the finger child’s mother and father cried every day and wondered where the finger child had disappeared to. The finger child thought that his parents were sad and went to them. His mother and father were very happy to see the finger child. The finger child told them about the events that had happened to him. The finger child and his parents lived happily for a lifetime.

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