Feeling unhappy and psychology

Feeling unhappy and psychology

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A feeling of unhappiness is when you do not enjoy life, get bored with monotony and daily problems, and feel restless.

Unhappiness is a state of feeling restless, hopeless and pessimistic. It occurs when an individual cannot enjoy life and gets bored with monotony and daily problems. Introversion, not sharing troubles and troubles with other people, your personality structure being prone to surrender rather than fighting are the factors that trigger unhappiness. This situation, which is seen in almost all people, sometimes reaches the maximum level during the day.

If unhappiness becomes chronic in people, it can become even more difficult to deal with. Even the smallest things, such as bad weather, a small pimple on the cheek can be enough to be unhappy. But sometimes there are bigger events in our lives that can cause unhappiness.

The betrayal of our loved ones, a bad marriage, the failure of the planned business, the loss of loved ones, great financial losses, the illness of our relatives or ourselves somehow cause us to be unhappy.

There are also psychological reasons for unhappiness. Loss of trust in people and a bad experience in the past can lead people to psychological unhappiness. As mentioned above, the magnification of small things in people’s minds, the perception and magnification of the negativities that occur in the media from time to time all over the world, as if it were happening only to him, causes people to perceive people as if they are trying to make him unhappy and cause him to be psychologically unhappy, but as mentioned above, this is related to the way of perception of the person and the window from which he looks at the events. The biggest step will be to look at the problems rationally from the outside and believe that you can overcome unhappiness instead of accepting that it is temporary just like other emotions and surrendering to it.

What to do when we feel unhappy?

Unhappiness is triggered mainly by mental problems, stress, anxiety, obsession, fear, depressive moods, indecisions, worries, conflicts, anger, and many more.

Pour on paper;

First of all, one has to sort out the other reasons and emotions underlying one’s unhappiness. To do this, instead of repeating the events in your head and being trapped in your feelings, take a moment alone, perhaps with some light music, to examine your feelings and put them down on paper. Write down the causes and consequences, create a concept map in your own way. Your brain will be more active during the writing process and you may be able to reach the real reasons behind your unhappiness and take better steps towards a solution.


As an alternative to writing, if there is someone around you that you would like to talk to at that moment, that you believe can listen and understand you without prejudice, do not hesitate to talk to them and open yourself up. Speaking out loud can free you from the thoughts that are stuck in your brain, constantly going round and round. It can take you away from the same thoughts you have been stuck with until now and bring you to different points. In this way, it may become more possible to face the root causes and see that perhaps there is no problem at all.


Walking won’t eliminate the causes of your unhappiness, but if you are struggling with stress, anxiety or any of the other emotions mentioned above, it will be very refreshing for your soul. Exposure to the open air, encountering other people and the normal flow of life will show you that life is still going on. It will also make you physiologically more vigorous and the oxygen you are exposed to will certainly help you feel better, which will directly affect your psychological state.

Pay Attention to Healthy Living;

Regular exercise, healthy eating and quality sleep are important factors that will keep you away from stress and provide you with daily energy. Creating a routine in your daily life without skipping these will strengthen you both physiologically and psychologically.

Don’t Torment Yourself with Your Thoughts;

Everything starts with the way you think. First you think, then you feel and then you act. So give up your overly critical and perfection-oriented thinking and accept that nothing in life can be perfect. Accordingly, don’t blame yourself for every move you make and don’t blame only yourself for what has happened to you. Just as you do not conduct your relationships in your social life by always criticizing the other party and treat your loved ones with sensitivity, show the same sensitivity to yourself. Self-love is a great warrior against unhappiness. If you think that your unhappiness does not go away despite applying all these things and you have difficulty coping with it or you cannot find the strength to apply them, do not hesitate to seek help from a professional expert…

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