Drama Bridge Bre Hasan Story

Drama Bridge Bre Hasan Story 

Debreli Hasan, born in Drama and known as Debreli, was a folk hero bandit who operated in the Drama-Serez-Sarisaban regions in the pre-migration period.

He built the bridge of Drama with the tribute he received from the rich people of that period who earned money unjustly and oppressed the people. Although the period in which Debreli Hasan lived is not known with certainty, the opinions that he was a contemporary of Çakırcalı Efe and even the stories about their quarrels show that he was dominant in the mountains of Macedonia between 1870-1920. According to the legend told among the people on this subject; A Jewish merchant from Thessaloniki will go to Izmir for trade. “If you pass through Debreli, who rules in the mountains around here, you cannot pass Çakırcalı in the Aegean mountains. “he was told. And so it happened.

There are not many people in Debreli’s gang. What is known is that he has only one horse called Black Cat. The most outstanding aspect of his bandit personality, which endeared him to the public, was that he helped the poor and especially married poor young people who loved each other. There is also a legend about this. “A young man from the mountains, who intended to get married, took his only calf and went down to the Iskece market. His way is taken by Debreli Hasan. When he realizes that the young man has no money to get married, Debreli gives him enough money for the wedding and also warns him not to sell his calf and sends him off.”

The Debreli of the Macedonian mountains eventually received a sultan’s pardon or, as rumor has it, managed to escape from the security forces during the exchange and immigrated to Turkey.

In short, Debreli Hasana has settled in the hearts of Rumelia Turks with his legend..

Here is the ballad of debreli hasan

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