Children’s fairy tales Keloğlan and the Magic Table

Children’s fairy tales Keloğlan and the Magic Table

Once upon a time, in a far away country, there lived a poor husband and wife. They were so poor that they could not even take care of their only bald son. The keloğlan was a strong boy who did not care at all about this situation and laughed at everything out of spite.

One day, Keloğlan’s mother called out to her son:

  • “Hey, Keloğlan! We are out of flour. Take some wheat from the barn, take it to the mill, grind it, and bring it back so we can make bread and eat it in the evening.”

Keloğlan went straight to the barn, took the sack of wheat and headed for the mill. Near the mill, he saw a mother partridge and her young looking for food.

  • “God created these birds too!” he said and distributed the wheat in his hand to the partridges.

When he returned home, his mother asked, where are the wheat? Or did you sell the wheat?

  • “No, mom, the miller was not there, I left the wheat at the miller’s place.”

The next day Keloğlan’s mother sent Keloğlan to the mill again. Keloğlan said; “Maybe the birds didn’t eat it all, at least I’ll take some of it and tell my mother that this is what came out of the mill.” He came to the place where he poured the wheat, but he could not see a single grain of wheat. Thinking that maybe it was buried under the soil by the evening wind, he started to dig the soil with the stick in his hand. And what did he see? A giant jumped out from under the soil and stood in front of him.

  • “Why are you digging over my house, Keloğlan?”


  • “I scattered my wheat here yesterday, I was digging around to see if there were any leftovers. How do I know your house is here?”


  • “Keloğlan, are you confused? Would wheat ever spill here? Birds will eat it all up.”


  • “I sprinkled it for the birds to eat. But I couldn’t tell my mother about it, and she kept insisting that I bring the wheat.”


  • “He immediately realized that Keloğlan was a kind-hearted person. Don’t worry, Keloğlan said, take this table and say “Open, my table, open!” every time you get hungry. All kinds of food will be laid out on the table and you and your mother will enjoy it.”

Keloğlan: “He went home and told his mother about the situation, she didn’t believe him at first, but then Keloğlan said: “Open, my table, open!” and suddenly the most beautiful food was laid out on the table. Keloğlan and his mother ate to their heart’s content.

One day, Keloğlan left his table at home and the thieves took this opportunity to steal Keloğlan’s table. Keloğlan returned to his old poor self and one morning he went to the mill. He again thought of waking the Giant and started to hit the stick in his hand hard on the Giant’s nest. The Giant woke up;

  • “What is it, Keloğlan? Is something wrong?” Keloğlan explained what happened. This time the Giant gave him a donkey. When Keloğlan turned the donkey’s head to the right, gold started to fall from the donkey. Then Keloğlan got on his donkey and went to the bathhouse. He tied the donkey in front of the bathhouse and told the bathman: “Don’t turn the donkey’s head to the right!” but the man turned the donkey’s head to the right. What did he see? The gold started to spill out. The miller lost his mind when he saw the gold. He immediately replaced him with a donkey that looked like him.

Keloğlan returned to his old poor self. Again, saying that if he helps me, the Giant will help me, he went to the Giant’s house. He told the Giant what happened. This time the Giant gave him a mace.

  • “Have a feast… Invite the bathhouse owner, invite all the people of the village…” he said.

The whole village came and feasted. After the food was eaten, as one of the guests was leaving, the mace trapped him in a corner.

  • “Dirty thief, quickly bring back the table!” he said, and started hitting the thief who had stolen the table on the head.

The thief gave up, confessed that he had stolen the tablecloth, went and returned it to the house.

This time the mace went for the bathhouse owner. After giving him a good beating

  • “Dirty thief! Quick, bring back the donkey you stole!” and started hitting the thief on the head. When the donkey came back, he got on his donkey and headed for the palace.

The sultan gave his daughter to Keloğlan, whom he heard about his skill. Keloğlan, his mother, his wife, his magic tablecloth and his donkey lived happily ever after.

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