Cemil story Turkish classic

Cemil story Turkish classic

A love story that happened

It is the story of Cemil and Defçi Fatma, who could not find happiness even though they met their lover. Almost all the girls of the neighborhood were in love with Cemil. And his eyes are such a beautiful man

It is the story of cemil and Defçi Fatma who cannot find happiness even though they find their love.

Almost all the girls of the neighborhood were in love with Cemil. This Cemil was very handsome, handsome and courageous. Fatma, one of the girls of the neighborhood, also loved Cemil. Whether he loved it or not, the villagers were worried about the condition of the girl, in languages ​​that were so entangled that it could reach Cemil’s ears. Once, Cemil saw Fatma, who was so in love with him. As soon as he saw it, Cemil fell in love with Fatma. When two hearts were fired like this, the elders did not prevent this love.

They did not prevent it, but whether it was because it was late or because it was difficult, Cemil got sick.

This passionate love of lovers for each other cost Cemil’s life. Fatma cried and lamented after Cemil, whom she could not hear. Even though she lost Cemil, the fire of love did not go out, it burned inside her until she died.

Fatma, who could not reunite with her beloved, tried to calm the fire of love by going to the weddings of the young people who got together and playing the tambourine.

The song of the story;

I didn’t travel, I didn’t get tired Cemil I didn’t break for nothing, Cemil. In a world like you, Cemil I couldn’t find another Cemil

You don’t have a mother, Cemil. You don’t have a father May you be orphaned, Cemil be mine Jamil

There’s a bird on the rock, Cemil He’s got silver on his wing, Cemil Half went and didn’t come, Cemil Of course there is something to this, Cemil.

Come to Baga come to the garden CemilZulufun destele gel CemilIf Ana does not allow CemilCome Sick from the Lie, Cemil

Region: Şanlı Urfa / Siverek

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